Saturday Snapshot

Here are a couple of photos taken in December 2010 when we were snowbound. I came into the kitchen early one morning and there on the decking outside was this little mouse, eating the bread we had put out for the birds:

There were actually three mice climbing all over and round the back of the loaf nibbling it. I wasn’t the only one interested. Lucy came to the patio door and wanted to go out for a closer look.

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Farewell Lucy

Last night our little cat, Lucy died. She was nearly 17 and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism two years ago. Since then she did improve and coped with us moving house at the end of 2009. For a while it seemed she had a new lease of life, enjoying the garden and its wildlife. Last week she stopped eating and just declined. The vet said she had a growth in her stomach and an enlarged heart.

She was a wonderful companion, who stayed by our side like a dog, even wanting to come on walks with us. I’ve written many blog posts about her and have many photos that I’m going to bring together as a set on Flickr. Here are just a few of our favourites.

She often sat with me when I was blogging, sometimes on the windowsill and more often right in front of the keyboard whilst I was trying to type.


This is a painting of her by our friend John.

She is sadly missed!

Sunday Scene – More Snow

We woke up this morning to yet more snow, as in most of Britain.

The birds were flocking to the feeders – which now need replenishing. Today the woodpecker stayed long enough for me to take some photos.

The tits are bolder and come up onto the decking outside the kitchen.

This one landed in the snow and nearly sank.

Lucy, who hasn’t ventured outside since the snow first came at the end of November, sits and watches the birds as they come near the window.

This is what she wished she could catch

Sunday Scene

Yesterday it was my birthday and as well as books D gave me a new camera. I’ve been trying it out today: here are a few photos I took in our garden and

Back garden
Back garden from the decking

of the front garden

Front garden

and the field across the road where the rapeseed was being cut this afternoon.

Cutting rapeseed

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Lucy’s New Door

Lucy has now settled in our new house. We kept her in for a while and then let her out during the day. That wasn’t enough for her as she likes to come and go in the middle of the night – any number of times between midnight and 5am. We weren’t getting up to let her out and so she woke us up miaowing very loudly most nights.

Now she can come and go whenever she wants.  She hasn’t gone very far yet – she just likes to have a drink in the burn (even though she has fresh, clean water inside) :