Lucy and the Snow

Lucy has now ventured outside. We kept her in the house after we moved in, as you’re supposed to (the vet said so)  and we didn’t have an address tag for her anyway. Then the snow came and she didn’t want to go out. If she had I think she would have been buried in the snow, as she’s so small.

She has a tag now, so we thought she could go out into the garden. She didn’t really want to the first day, just looked very warily out of the door. Yesterday she had a walk along the decking, which extends round the back and side of the house. She didn’t stay out long – well it was cold – and she hasn’t gone down on to the grass yet. She’s getting to be an indoor cat!

Today the snow has nearly all gone and there’s just this patch left on the decking.

Is it just my imagination, or does it look like a cat running?

New Home

Christmas is now only a few days away and I’m nowhere nearly ready.

We’re in our new house. It had been empty for nearly three weeks and it was cold! We arrived before our furniture with just a few things to keep us going. The removal men we’re due to come on Monday but didn’t arrive until Tuesday and now we’re surrounded by boxes. I have to admit that quite a lot of them are boxes of books and I haven’t even unpacked one of them yet. There is no time to read, except for a few pages of Drood, which is promising to be interesting and at 700+ pages will keep me going well into the new year.

We expected cold weather moving from the south of England up to the north, but so far it’s been warmer here than at our old house. I don’t suppose it’ll stay like that and heavy snow is forecast for Saturday.  We’re enjoying the scenery here – below is a photo taken from our kitchen window. I’m looking forward to exploring the area. When we’re more sorted I’ll take more photos and change the blog header – but for now it’s still showing part of the garden from the old house taken in the summer!

view from kitchen

Lucy has settled quite well although she isn’t allowed out yet. For a cat who complained loudly when we drove 10 minutes to the vet’s, she was remarkably quiet during the 10 hour journey here and after a few miles she only miaowed quietly a few times. And now that our belongings are all around us she’s a lot happier.

Lucy in kitchen

Lucy and How To Give a Cat Tablets

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post about Lucy’s hyperthyroidism. I thought I’d reply in a post rather than in the comments and include a link on how to use a pill popper – see below.

Lucy’s tablets have to be given to her whole – they cannot be crushed because they have a special coating and anyway she just won’t eat any pill that we crushed in her food. She is an expert at licking round pills even when they are crushed and leaving them.

The pill popper helps but it takes two of us to give her the tablet. The vet demonstrated how to use it using their own cat who just sits calmly on the counter and accepts it – he’s used to demonstrating how to use the pill popper. Lucy isn’t so amenable!

Avisann asked how the pill popper works – I found this video demonstrating how to use one – just click on the photo.

 How to give a cat tablets

Edited after posting: Have a look at Diane’s comment with instructions on giving a cat a pill – it’s hilarious!

Lucy – the Hyperthyroid Cat

I like to write non-book posts every now and then. I posted a photo of Lucy on my last Wordless Wednesday post and today I thought I’d write a post specifically about her.

Lucy has always been a small cat and at first we weren’t worried when she started to lose weight because she is 15 and older cats do lose weight and she was still very active. But when she got so thin that I could feel each vertebra and she was always wanting food, but not eating it we took her to the vet. She has hyperthyroidism, which is apparently common in older cats causing high energy, as well as weight loss. She has also become much more vocal than ever before.

We have to give her one tablet a day and she seems to be responding well and has put on a bit of weight, but the drawback is that she’ll have to take them every day for the rest of her life. It is not easy giving them to her! She is very strong and determined that she does not want them. It’s a struggle just to get her to open her mouth. The vet has given us a pill popper, which does make it a bit easier.


Here are some more photos.


She was a tiny, tiny kitten who fitted easily into the palm of my hand – a bundle of energy who climbed up my legs, using her claws like crampons.


Here she is in the garden demonstrating the perfect cat stretch! I wish I could do Pose of a Cat like that!

In the next photo I’m not sure what you call this jump – maybe “Let Me Out”. She was actually on her way down and had reached the handle, maybe she was trying to look out of the window! She is, like other cats, fearless of heights. Somewhere I have a photo of her walking on the scaffolding when we had an extension built on the house and whilst she was still a very tiny kitten she jumped out of an upstairs bedroom window.


This is a good Scratching Post:


And this is her favourite tree – on the lookout for birds: