Sunday Scene – More Snow

We woke up this morning to yet more snow, as in most of Britain.

The birds were flocking to the feeders – which now need replenishing. Today the woodpecker stayed long enough for me to take some photos.

The tits are bolder and come up onto the decking outside the kitchen.

This one landed in the snow and nearly sank.

Lucy, who hasn’t ventured outside since the snow first came at the end of November, sits and watches the birds as they come near the window.

This is what she wished she could catch

12 thoughts on “Sunday Scene – More Snow

  1. Lovely photos! You’ve got about the same amount as us, possibly slightly more. We had a green woodpecker in the garden this morning, digging for insects under the azelea where there’s no snow. Nice to see them coping with the arctic conditions.


  2. Hi Margaret,

    We had about 3 inches in Somerset yesterday, no more today, but it is now all compacted ice and the chances of us making it is far as a main road is next to none.

    Our feeders have been decimated by the birds over the last few days, it’s a joy to watch and nice to see so many species of birds about.

    Now all the leaves have finally fallen from the Oak tree, we got a great view of the Woodpecker banging away on a branch, but just didn’t hang around in full view long enough for Mr.G to get his camera ready for action.


  3. Your photographs are so lovely and I hope you don’t have to go out for groceries today. We just saw the news reports of the snow in England and Europe. It reminds me of the snow of 1939-40. Not because I remember, but because I read about it. Living in NYC it is highly unlikely we will even have flurries, but you should have a lovely white Christmas, hopefully without too much inconvenience.


  4. Our cat Ella couldn’t believe her eyes when a bluetit pecked against the bedroom window! She too would love to go outside and play but like most cats she detests the snow and once she has been outside for a twinkle she is back in quick as a flash!


  5. I do appreciate the fact that I can drive out and buy my last Christmas presents tomorrow, but our garden is not quite as beautiful as yours. Thank you for sharing.


  6. You guys are really getting hammered, aren’t you?! The snow is very pretty to look at, but I sympathize having to shovel it and get around–walking and driving, which is not much fun! Lovely photos–hope you can keep snuggled away safe inside with a good book!


  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. The snow does make everywhere look beautiful – not the roads, though. We haven’t been out in the car and not sure we can get it out of the drive. The post lady came this morning and said the roads are terrible and it’s chaos, so we’re staying in today.

    And this weather certainly a plus for bird-watching. I’m a novice at it, but it’s rapidly becoming a real pleasure.


  8. We had to take down our feeders because the deer cleaned them out every night. I miss the birds but can’t afford to feed all the deer. It’s snowing now in northeast Pennsylvania but we don’t have anywhere near the amount of snow you have. It’ll make for a lovely Christmas but I don’t envy you trying to get around.


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