Saturday Snapshot

Here are a couple of photos taken in December 2010 when we were snowbound. I came into the kitchen early one morning and there on the decking outside was this little mouse, eating the bread we had put out for the birds:

There were actually three mice climbing all over and round the back of the loaf nibbling it. I wasn’t the only one interested. Lucy came to the patio door and wanted to go out for a closer look.

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24 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. OK, cute little mouse – outside that is. Lucy looks very intent and I bet she was following the drama outside very, very closely. LOL


  2. Margaret – What great ‘photos! And it looks as though Lucy is at least as interested in that mouse as the mouse is in the bread.


  3. Oh, lovely little mouse!

    Unfortunately we have had several nasty mice in our cottage lately. Huge ones (field voles) who are so close to rat size they are not the least charming. I think they might even scare your cat.


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