Murder by Matchlight (British Library Crime Classics ) by E C R Lorac

A Golden Age Mystery

Murder by Matchlight

Poisoned Pen Press|5 March 2019|288 pages|e-book |Review copy|5*

12 thoughts on “Murder by Matchlight (British Library Crime Classics ) by E C R Lorac

  1. I do like E C R Lorac’s books. I’ve got four or five on my tbr pile including this one and 2 new reissues, Fell Murder and Murder in the Mill-Race. Very pleased to hear this one’s so good.

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    1. I think you could start with this one – it reads well as a stand-alone, although it is the 25th of 46 books by Lorac featuring Macdonald. I’ve read Bats in the Belfry, which is the 13th book and also Fire in the Thatch is the 26th. I don’t think it matters if you read them out of order. 🙂

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  2. So glad you enjoyed this, Margaret! I like the series very much, too. and I think Lorac had a very skillful way of weaving wit into the stories Solid characters, interesting plots…. what’s not to like?

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  3. I loved this book, and Fire in the Thatch. The writing is so good, and I remember more about the stories afterwards than I do with many of the older authors. It makes me so happy to see people reviewing her work.


  4. This is my favourite Lorac so far too – I thought her descriptions of “plucky London” during the bombings were wonderful. I’m finding on the whole that I really enjoy the vintage crime that was written about the Home Front – gives a much better idea of what it was actually like than any historical fiction…


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