Bats in the Belfry: A London Mystery (British Library Crime Classics ) by E C R Lorac

Poisoned Pen Press  2018 |233 pages|e-book |Review copy|4*

7 thoughts on “Bats in the Belfry: A London Mystery (British Library Crime Classics ) by E C R Lorac

  1. This is an author I definitely need to read, Margaret. Interesting, isn’t it, how some authors are still frequently read, and others are forgotten. I’m glad you enjoyed this; it does sound like a good read.

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  2. This is one BLCC book I don’t have. It sounds good so if I see it on my travels next week I’ll grab it. Been reading Travellers in the Third Reich so anti-semitism is very fresh in my head at the moment. It’s shocking to read how many non-Germans were not that interested in the plight of the Jews in the 1930s. So Lorac was indeed reflecting the attitudes of the time. Finding myself increasingly fascinated by the 1930s.

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  3. Good to know about this one. Yes, I guess there is always a lot of prejudice everywhere all the time. It’s good that these things stand out to us now and make us stop and think. Hope you get to read another book by this author and that it’s just as good.


  4. Margaret, I am pleased to hear you enjoyed this. I am always so tempted by the gorgeous covers for these British Library Crime Classics, however I have yet to read any of them!


  5. Glad you enjoyed this one! I loved it – one of the gems of the collection for me. I loved all the slang of the period and went around saying Losh! for several days after I’d finished… 😉 I’m looking forward to reading Fire in the Thatch soon too.

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  6. Sorry to comment so late but just saw this post. I have been wanting to try E C R Lorac and this cover is just beautiful. I will have to find a copy.


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