My Friday Post: The Lake House by Kate Morton

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This week I’m featuring The Lake House by Kate Morton. This is one of my TBRs.

It begins in Cornwall in August 1933:

The rain was heavy now and the hem of her dress was splattered with mud. She’d have to hide it afterwards; no one could know that she’d been out.

Also every Friday there is The Friday 56, hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice. These are the rules:

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  2. Turn to page 56, or 56% on your eReader.
  3. Find any sentence (or a few, just don’t spoil it) that grabs you.
  4. Post it.
  5. Add the URL to your post in the link on Freda’s most recent Friday 56 post.

Page 56

Sadie pictured the muddy lake and its eerie avian population. ‘Yes, that’s it. What happened there?’

‘A terrible business,’ Louise said, with a sad shake of her head. ‘Back in the thirties, before I was born. My mother used to talk about it, though – usually when she wanted to stop us kids from wandering too far. A child went missing on the night of a grand party. It was a big story at the time; the family was wealthy and the national press paid a lot of attention. There was a huge police investigation, and they even brought down the top brass from London. Not that any of it helped.

What a coincidence! I think these two extracts sum up what this book is about – an unsolved mystery of a child who disappeared without a trace.

I’ll be reading this book soon. What do you think? does it tempt you too?

24 thoughts on “My Friday Post: The Lake House by Kate Morton

  1. I read this book early last year or late in 2016. It was discussed at our mystery group in January of 2017, though I wasn’t there as I had the flu. Sigh. Anyway, I liked the book very much. Hope you do too!

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  2. I enjoyed reading this book and have gone on to read other titles by this author because I like her writing. I spent a week in Cornwall as a teenager (a holiday with my English cousins), and relished reliving the memories of the beautiful seaside as I read the novel.


  3. Oh yes! I am definitely intrigued by the two snippets you shared. I had trouble getting into the one book by Morton I tried to read, but I hope to try something else by her at some point.


  4. Sounds very tempting! I like the writing style. Will be interested to hear your thoughts – I’ve seen lots of positive reviews of her books and she’s an author I’d like to try some day…


  5. I picked up another f hers years ago – The Secret Garden – but couldn’t get beyond the first two chapters. Something about her writing style didn’t work for me. I know she is very popular though so it might have been the wrong timing.


  6. This does sound interesting, Margaret. The writing style appeals to me, and I do like that sort of story where a past mystery impacts the present. I’ll be interested to know what you think of it.


  7. This has been on my radar for so long. Isn’t it odd how some books just never quite make it to the top of the pile. At least I’ve added it to my tbr list now. I suppose that’s a start! I’ll look forward to your review, Margaret.


  8. I read this last year and felt it was one of her weaker books. I did enjoy it but not so much that I wanted to rave about it. Be interested to hear what you think, especially if you have read her other works.


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