The Lying Room by Nicci French

Lying Room


Simon and Schuster UK|3 October 2019|432 pages|e-book |Review copy|3.5*

8 thoughts on “The Lying Room by Nicci French

  1. Hmmm….It does sound like an interesting premise, Margaret. I can see how your disbelief might get stirred, though. I think mine would, too. And I know just what you mean about passages that get too long. Still, it’s good to hear some things about it worked for you.

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  2. Oh dear – too long seems to be a recurring feature in crime fiction these days, not to mention having to suspend disbelief. I have this one coming up soon, so I’ll lower my expectations before going in…


  3. I’ve put a library requisition in for this because I enjoyed their Frieda Klein books so much. However, I haven’t liked the one off novels to the same extent and having read your review I’m thinking about cancelling the requisition.


    1. Oh dear, I did enjoy it even though I’ve criticised it – I hope you have a look at it and you can always take it back unread. That’s one good point about borrowing books, I think.


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