Nonfiction November is Coming!

nonficnov 19

I’ll be taking part in Nonfiction November 2019 again this year. It was one of my favourite events last year – this year it will run from Oct 28 to Nov 30. Each Monday a link-up for the week’s topic will be posted at the host’s blog for you to link your posts throughout the week.

The hosts and topics are: 

Week 1: (Oct. 28 to Nov. 1) –  Your Year in Nonfiction (Julie @ Julz Reads) : Take a look back at your year of nonfiction and reflect on the following questions – What was your favourite nonfiction read of the year? Do you have a particular topic you’ve been attracted to more this year? What nonfiction book have you recommended the most? What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November?

Week 2: (Nov. 4 to 8) – Book Pairing (Sarah @ Sarah’s Book Shelves) : This week, pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title. It can be a “If you loved this book, read this!” or just two titles that you think would go well together. Maybe it’s a historical novel and you’d like to get the real history by reading a nonfiction version of the story. 

Week 3: (Nov. 11 to 15) – Be The Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert (Katie @ Doing Dewey): Three ways to join in this week! You can either share 3 or more books on a single topic that you have read and can recommend (be the expert), you can put the call out for good nonfiction on a specific topic that you have been dying to read (ask the expert), or you can create your own list of books on a topic that you’d like to read (become the expert).

Week 4: (Nov. 18 to 22) – Nonfiction Favourites (Leann @ Shelf Aware): We’ve talked about how you pick nonfiction books in previous years, but this week I’m excited to talk about what makes a book you’ve read one of your favourites. Is the topic pretty much all that matters? Are there particular ways a story can be told or particular writing styles that you love? Do you look for a light, humorous approach or do you prefer a more serious tone? Let us know what qualities make you add a nonfiction book to your list of favourite.

Week 5: (Nov. 25 to 29) –New to My TBR (Rennie @ What’s Nonfiction): It’s been a month full of amazing nonfiction books! Which ones have made it onto your TBR? Be sure to link back to the original blogger who posted about that book!

9 thoughts on “Nonfiction November is Coming!

  1. What an interesting way to explore nonfiction, Margaret! I really like these post prompts, and the whole idea of really exploring nonfiction is appealing. I’ll look forward to your responses!

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  2. This is a new event to me and I shall resist it for this year at least. But I’ve just had a very enjoyable read through your posts from last year’s November, Margaret, and I’m looking forward to what you bring us this time around 🙂

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  3. This is tempting so I’ll see how things are in the run-up to November. I sadly lost my brother a few weeks ago (he’d been in very poor health for almost a year) and as we’re executors for the will am rather busy with that at the moment. But we’ll see. Have fun with it anyway.

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother, Cath. I know that when my sister died I found it very hard to read anything – not just the business of sorting things out, but emotionally too.


  4. Ooo I’d completely forgotten about this event! As I read a good deal of non-fiction, hopefully I will be able to join in with at least a few of the topics this year. 🙂


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