Off Topic – Scenes in our little wood

There is a little wood at one end of our garden with a stream running through it.

img_20180531_144448596 And over the other side of the little stream there are several old trees and decaying tree stumps.

It’s rather overgrown across the stream, ideal for wildlife.



Close up of the base of the old tree stump in the photo above

We wondered if anything was using the holes at the base of this old tree stump, so David set up a wildlife camera – and found that rabbits have taken up residence, running in and out of the holes at the base of the tree.

The rabbits have made a path at the side of the tree up to a grassed area where Heidi, our cat, sits for hours on rabbit watch waiting for them to come out and play. Unfortunately her ‘play’ is a little rough for the baby rabbits and we have had to rescue a couple.

11 thoughts on “Off Topic – Scenes in our little wood

  1. I’m so sorry, Margaret, but I wasn’t able to view your ‘photos. I tried a few different browsers, and they just didn’t come up. I don’t know if WordPress is playing me up or if I’m doing something wrong, but I did want you to know I stopped by!


    1. Sorry, Margot! I don’t know what went wrong – there was a funny glitch or something on the computer this afternoon. I’ve taken the photos off, reloaded them and updated the post. I hope you can see them now.

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      1. Thank you, Margaret, for going to that extra effort! I can see the ‘photos clearly now, and they’re lovely. What a beautiful wood you have there, and I’m sure the wild animals love it. And I’m not surprised that Heidi is interested in those rabbits!


    1. Sorry, Sandra! I don’t know what went wrong! But I’ve taken the photos off, reloaded them and updated the post. Hope you can see them now!


  2. I can see them and they are lovely! What a cute little bunny! Bet your cat does show ‘interest’! Thanks for sharing!


  3. How lovely to have your own wild rabbit neighbours! Cats are such pests when it comes to wildlife though – my current ones don’t seem to hunt, but my previous two were crazed serial killers…


  4. Your woodland looks lovely, I’ve always wanted a burn at the bottom of my garden, but haven’t ever managed to get one.


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