Snow Scenes in the Garden

The snow from the beginning of March had nearly all gone, with just a few areas in the back garden still covered in snow, when it started snowing here today. We’ve had snow flurries all day but it’s all gone now.

This is what it was like at the beginning of March in the heaviest snow fall we’ve had since 2009. This view is from the kitchen of the decking where the snow had piled up in front of the patio doors.

Heidi looking at the snow

The photo below is of the end of the garden next to the field.

the garden over the stream

And this close up shows how the snow had blown into drifts along the back fence.

The view from the front window – blackbirds, chaffinches and sparrows. At one point there were six blackbirds and lots of little birds – I tried to get a photo of all them together, but they kept flying away.


Below, a close -up of a nuthatch on the fat balls.


We had a couple of rare visitors too – first a woodcock

And then an otter – the first time we have ever seen one in the garden. I watched it come up from the stream, dripping wet early one morning. It made its way to the back door and had a look at Heidi’s cat flap! She was scared stiff.

9 thoughts on “Snow Scenes in the Garden

  1. Wow! An otter! That is unusual, Margaret. You certainly had a lot of snow where you are. The birds are lucky to have had you to feed them. Those are lovely ‘photos – thanks for sharing them.


  2. Oh Margaret! I am sooooo envious of your otter. And the photo of the nuthatch. Of all the photos in fact. It seems that winter isn’t quite finished with us yet. More time indoors = more reading time. But really, I think everyone is ready for spring now!


  3. The otter seemed to know exactly where to go, as if it had made that journey before! How amazing to have captured it. Looks very cold, I hope you get some sunshine to balance it out, bonne courage!


  4. How exciting – an otter! You have a bit more snow than we have at the moment. I’m getting so fed up with it all, it seems like a never ending winter.


  5. Gosh, I thought a nuthatch was rare enough (we get the occasional treecreeper, I think one goes up the tree and the other down…) but then a woodcock and an *otter*. Wow, Margaret! We have about 4 or 5 inches of snow now, been snowing all day here.


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