The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey

Jonathan Cape, Vintage Digital| 1 March 2018|304 p|Review copy|4.5*


6 thoughts on “The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey

  1. How interesting to set the book in that period without needing to embellish it with significant characters of the time, to tell it in the detail and the way of thinking, their pastimes, lifestyle, their superstitions. I wonder if it’ll make the Women’s Prize long list announced tonight at midnight?


  2. This does sound interesting, Margaret. And I’m pleased to hear that Harvey has struck that balance between providing enough detail to be set the atmosphere, and not overloading the story with too much information. That’s a very tricky balance at times.


  3. ‘Multi-layered and complex’ sounds like just what I’mn looking for. I love books that make you want to start again immediately.

    I haven’t read anything by Harvey yet, and it’s about time I did. Thanks for the recommendation.


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