What’s In A Name? – 2016

Whats in a name16

I’ve decided that in 2016 I’m not going to take part in many reading challenges. But I’ve been doing the What’s In A Name? challenge for so many years that it’s become a given for me – and the challenge is just to read 6 books over the year!

It’s hosted again in 2016 by Charlie at The Worm Hole and runs from January to December. During this time you choose a book to read from each of the following categories. The titles in brackets are the books I’ve initially chosen, but this could change over the year as I have more than one for each category:

  • A country (Stephen Fry in America)
  • An item of clothing (The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins)
  • An item of furniture (The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year by Sue Townsend)
  • A profession (The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy by Barbara Vine )
  • A month of the year (The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim)
  • A title with the word ‘˜tree’ in it (The Tree of Hands by Ruth Rendell)

See The Worm Hole for more information and the sign-up post.

10 thoughts on “What’s In A Name? – 2016

  1. I’ve bookmarked the sign-up post. My track record is not good with this challenge but I always love the sound of it. And I have good books for four of the categories. (I can’t find anything for furniture or month… but I have so many for country, it’s ridiculous.) Plus, I told myself I would be more or less challenge free next year. The trouble is these challenges are so tempting and this would fit happily with Mount TBR which I will be doing.


    1. Cath,I’ll be doing Mount TBR next year, too and think the two challenges fit well together because all the books listed in this post are TBRs. ‘The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year’ is the only ‘furniture’ book I own, my ‘country’ books are all non-fiction, although that doesn’t matter. I was wondering if ‘A Month in the Country’ would be OK for the ‘month’ or the ‘country’ section? Then I found the ‘April’ book. I enjoy compiling the list and seeing where the titles will match the categories almost as much as reading the books! 🙂


  2. I think you’ve chosen some great books, Margaret. The Vine, in particular, is a good ‘un, I think. I give you credit for taking on the challenge.


  3. I’ve been lecturing this past couple of weeks on Shakespeare’s fascination with the idea that what we call something really bears no resemblance to the thing itself. It surfaces first in ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ but finds its apogee in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which is where the ‘What’s in a name’ quote comes from. Perhaps I should take this as a hint and think about signing up for the challenge myself.


  4. I’m doing this one too! It’s one of my favorites. Nice list! I was stumped on the furniture one for a while and was wracking my brains for a title with “bed,” but ended up with “chair” instead. 😉


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