Books Read in June

I read 10 books in June. As usual they’re a mixed bag and I enjoyed some books more than others. I realised in May that I’d accumulated a number of review books, so I thought I’d better get reading them! The titles marked * are crime fiction and those in italics are non-fiction. With links to my posts they are:

  1. The Sea Change by Joanna Rossiter – a review copy, beautifully written, a dual time novel alternating between 1971 and the Second World War.
  2. Pictures at an Exhibition by Camilla Macpherson – a review copy, compelling reading and another a dual time period novel moving between the present day and the Second World War. 
  3. North Sea Cottage* by Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen – a review copy, yet another dual time novel of now and the 1940s, set in Denmark. Very atmospheric crime fiction as the discovery of a skeleton solves an earlier mystery.
  4. He Wants by Alison Moore – a fourth review novel, about ageing and unfulfilled expectations – sadly not really my cup of tea.
  5. Leaving Alexandria: a Memoir of Faith and Doubt by Richard Holloway – fascinating about his life, career and beliefs.
  6. The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng – still not sure what I think about this book, I may have to re-read it sometime.
  7. The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly – fantasy, a re-telling fairy tales and folk tales; it didn’t leave me with a chill down my spine, but just feeling rather sick at times.
  8. Sisters of Sinai by Janet Soskice – an excellent biography of twin sisters who discovered an ancient copy of the Gospels on Mount Sinai.
  9. The Discourtesy of Death* by William Brodrick – very good (post to follow).
  10. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen – a book I thought I’d read years ago, only to discover I hadn’t. It feels as though I’ve discovered a new author!

It’s hard to decide which one I enjoyed the most, but on balance I think it has to be Sisters of Sinai: How Two Lady Adventurers Found the Hidden Gospels by Janet Soskice

Sisters of Sinai

 As half the year has gone I thought it was a good time to see where I’m up to with the challenges I’m doing.

Reading Challenges progress up to 30 June (for details of these challenges see my Challenges page):

  • Mount TBR Reading Challenge €“ 30 of my own unread books. My target is 48.
  • Read Scotland Challenge €“11 books. My target 13+.
  • What’s in a Name 7 €“ I’ve completed 5 of the 6 sections €“ just  a €˜book with a school subject in the title’ to read.
  • Historical Fiction Challenge €“ 12 books. My target is 25 books.
  • Colour Coded Challenge €“ 3 books. The target is to read 9 books in the different colour categories.
  • The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge €“ 3 books. This is an open-ended challenge to read all her books. So far I have read 58.
  • My Kind of Mystery Challenge €“ 17 books. My target is 31+.
  • Once Upon a Time VIII Challenge €“ 5 books completing the Challenge for Quest the First.
  • Reading Non-Fiction in 2014 – this is my own ‘challenge’ to record the non-fiction I read. I’m aiming at reading at least 12 books this year and so far I’ve read 5 – with just 35% of Peter Ackroyd’s biography of Shakespeare to finish I’m nearly half way to my target.

6 thoughts on “Books Read in June

  1. I like your choice of favourite this month. 🙂

    I also like the brief update on your challenges for the first 6 months. I planned to do an update but dismissed the idea for obvious reasons. A small update like that is doable though so I may pinch the idea later.

    I also am trying for more non-fic this year, No precise number but I read 22 last year and am up to 11 this, so am on course to do precisely the same as last year! LOL


    1. Thanks, Cath. I only read 9 non-fiction last year! I’d like to read more but sometimes the books are so long and detailed that it means very slow reading. I’ve been reading the Shakespeare book for months, a few chapters a day – the chapters are short even though the book is long!


  2. Margaret – I’m impressed with where you are on your challenges! You’ve made real progress. And I’m glad you’ve had some enjoyable reads, too.


  3. Sounds like you’ve had a great reading month and your doing really well with all your challenges. I hope July is another great reading month for you. I am looking forward to my college course finishing so I will have more time to read!


  4. My reading has slowed down for June. My only challenge is the ones I set myself.
    Here’s to 3 weeks off to read more. And some more Agatha Christie and Wodehouse.


  5. Well done on your challenges, great work so far, and 10 books for a month is pretty fantastic. I’ve been thinking of reading The Garden of Evening Mists but the reviews were pretty mixed so I’ve left it for now. I’m going to have to wiki those sisters, as that story sounds fascinating.


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