My Kind of Mystery Challenge

Here is yet another reading challenge for 2014 – the My Kind of Mysery challenge which is being hosted by Riedel Fascination, who explains her idea:

Mystery needs no murder! Hidden passageways, ancient places, eerie phenomenon€¦ ‘Dan Brown’ meets Nancy Atherton! Gothic greats of the 1960s-1980s, modern releases. I am launching a reading challenge that welcomes the lot: tutorials, mystery author biographies, fiction€¦ Any form of mystery and its authors fit my all-encompassing theme.

Keep an eye out for fun riddles to solve throughout the year!

The categories are:

Any format.
Any demographic

Non-adult must be published by 1990 or earlier.
Limitless length.
A short story, compilations; bring them to the table!
Reviews wanted.
A link to Goodreads, Book Depository€¦ just to show you finished. One line is fine.

Catch your breath: we launch February 1st, 2014 €“ February 28th, 2015!

I’ve gone through my list of unread crime fiction/mystery books and found I have over 40! So, I’ve decided to go for the category ‘Lost Artifacts’.

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