Saturday Snapshots

Autumn in the garden:

Jap Maple Nov 2013 P1090302

The leaves are falling from some of the trees now, but our little Japanese Maple is still bearing its flame-coloured leaves.

Autumn trees Nov 2013 P1090305The Wych Elm leaves are a glorious golden colour.

Autumn leaves Nov 2013 P1090313And in our little wood the ground is now a carpet of rustling brown leaves.

D up ladder P1090314

Finally, here’s D up a ladder doing repairs to the roof – I had to watch because falling leaves are one thing …

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. What a beautiful little Maple tree. First time I see the Japanese Maple. Your Autumn is a fantasy for me… we’re having a snow storm right now. But my Snapshot reminds me of better days. 😉


  2. Maples are one of my favourite autumn trees and that one is a real beauty. It’s not cold enough in Sydney to get the full effect of autumn – I miss it.


  3. Oh, I love this time of year, but I suspect husbands don’t. My husband was on the ladder this week also, cleaning out rain gutters and making sure the flashing was tight around the chimney before the snow falls …


  4. Most of our leaves are gone off the trees and have since been blown to parts unknown. I do not let..allow..or suggest my husband get on a ladder. Glad to see D wears a hard hat.


  5. Margaret – Such absolutely lovely ‘photos! That Japanese maple is stunning! And it looks like your cat is enjoying the autumn too. 🙂


  6. My Japanese Maples in Fife are losing their leaves now but the recent high winds have helped with that. Gorgeous photos.


  7. Lovely pictures. Heidi looks like her tail plus a bit more were dipped into a bottle of ink. She’s such a pretty cat. My husband is unable to climb a ladder now, so now I’m wondering who is going to get the leaves out of our gutters. Not me, that’s for sure!


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