Saturday Snapshot

I posted photos of a ruined castle last Wednesday. Today I’m featuring a much larger castle – Alnwick Castle, which is the second largest inhabited castle in England.  The Duke of Northumberland and his family live here; the family have lived at Alnwick for 700 years. The castle was used to film parts of some of the Harry Potter films – the castle was Hogwarts in the first two films and Harry’s broomstick flying lessons were filmed in the Outer Bailey. Other films made there include Elizabeth and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

We went there the week before last with our grandson, a lover of Harry Potter. He liked the historical setting, the battlements and the canons,  but most of all I think he liked the Knights’ Quest and the Harry Potter magic show, with Harry and Professor Dumbledore:

We’ll have to go back for another visit as there is so much to see and we only had time for a quick walk round the State Rooms, which are very grand, although I was amused to see a Table Football in the Library (I think that is where it was), definite proof that Alnwick Castle is also a family home.

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16 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. There’s so much to see in your area! Alnwick looks fantastic and I know my grand-daughter would have loved the Harry Potter show. The children there look like they’re having a super time. Thanks for sharing these.


  2. That looks fantastic! I would love to go for the history and the Harry Potter experience! It is hard to imagine being part of a family that lived in the same location for 700 years.


  3. I love the history around old castles. And the fact that they’re still standing after hundreds and hundreds of years is just so amazing!


  4. I can just imagine how much American children and many adults would give to see this castle where parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. I hope the family has plenty of household help – it must take days to clean the place.


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