Saturday Selection

It’s been a busy time these last two weeks with visits from all three grandchildren. Apart from the quick read here and there and reading quite a lot of bedtime stories for the 5 year-old (at least two a night) I’ve not progressed very far with my current books – shown over on the sidebar. So now I’ve got back to normal reading hours I’m keen to look forward to what I’ll be reading next.

My choice is between the following from my to-be-read books:

  • An Agatha Christie – either They Do It With Mirrors (Miss Marple), Complete Parker Pyne, The Golden Ball (both short stories), Taken at the Flood (Poirot), They Came to Baghdad (Victoria Jones), A Murder is Announced, The Moving Finger (both Miss Marple), The Clocks, or Third Girl (both Poirot). I think I’ll read the earliest full book, which is Taken at the Flood (1948).

or Historical Crime Fiction:

  • Death Maze by Ariana Franklin – (the second in her Mistress of the Art of Death books). I loved the first one.
  • The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland – I loved the first one of hers I read too – Company of Liars.

or a Light humorous book such as Balthazar Jones and the Tower of London Zoo by Julia Stuart. Maybe I could do with a change from crime fiction.

So maybe a Biography would be good, such as Mrs Jordan’s Profession: the Story of a Great Actress and a Future King by Claire Tomalin. It looks really interesting and I love Claire Tomalin’s books.

As usual I just can’t decide – it could be a completely different book when the time comes.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Selection

  1. Not easy to read when the grandchildren are staying, I know! I’m usualy even too tired to read last thing at night. lol.

    I’m not very good at deciding what to read next but that’s a nice selection you have. I’m in a similar predicament. My books? A library book? Something on my Kindle? I’m hopeless at decisions.


  2. Since I have just finished Karen Maitland’s most recent book The Gallows Curse which is very good indeed, I will put in a word for The Owl Killers which kept me enthralled a year or so ago. It’s not light and fluffy or the Hollywood version of history, but is incredibly gripping and left me with a desperate desire to go to Bruges – you will find out why if you read it!
    I will also vote for The Death Maze as I thought all four books in the series were brilliant and I was very sad to hear that Ariana Franklin aka Diana Norman had died earlier this year.
    The eldest of my three grandchildren, Amelia aged 3, always demands the same couple of stories to be read over and over, Wibbly Pig and Penny Dale’s version of Ten In The Bed – mercifully they are short and I like them, however they may well have mysteriously disappeared by the time she stays again!
    The other two, William and Isabella are only 7 months and more into biting books than reading them!


    1. That’s helpful, Liz – but which one to read first??

      My 5 year old granddaughter likes Charlie and Lola and as they’re short books a second book always seems to be needed! or even a third!!


  3. I couldn’t find my way into the first of the Maitland books and as I was bitterly disappointed by ‘The Death Maze’, which I think is the weakest of the four I can’t be much help here. Christie is always a good read to fall back on.


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