21 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Collared Dove Update: New Chick

  1. That is a fantastic video and I can’t wait to see her feeding and caring for the little ones. I’ve been waiting for your dove update. Yesterday I was wondering if they had hatched yet.


  2. Margaret, that video is amazing! Did you have camera mounted there or something. She must have really gotten used to you guys taking pictures of her to not notice or be startled. And where did she go with that piece of the eggshell? Thanks so much for including us in this event!! I feel like a fond relative with a new niece or nephew! LOL


  3. Hi everyone – we have a webcam mounted above the nest with a lead through the window so we can just watch or take photos or video.

    We don’t know where she went to the eggshell – she sat on the decking railings with it and we saw her fly off towards the end of our garden. She wasn’t gone long!

    We hope to get photos/video of the chicks being feed.

    You’re right Kay, it does make us feel like fond relatives!!!


  4. When we lived on the farm there was a nest of indigo buntings in the bush right beside the window. We would check it several times a day to see if the little ones had hatched. I would have loved this kind of technology back then.


    1. The nest is just a pile of sticks as far as I can tell. It is very flimsy but it seems to be stable, sitting on the satellite dish wall mounting which is square. I read somewhere that their nests are so flimsy that eggs and chicks can fall through to the ground. At least they won’t do that, although they could fall off the edge – I do hope not.


  5. Hi Margaret,

    Fantastic piece of video work and some amazing footage of the new chicks.
    I am constantly amazed by how organised the adults are about feeding and caring for their young.
    We have the young blackbirds who have just fledged, coming down to test their swimming skills in our large birdbath. We were worried that it would be too deep for them, but they seem quite happy pretending to be ducks, just splashing around in it!!
    The fledgling pigeons are almost as big as their parents, so there isn’t much need to worry about them I don’t think!!


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