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The Sunday Salon is a place to talk about the books you’re currently reading.

My rate of reading has slowed down. I keep a record of books I’ve read on Goodreads with a target of reading 100 books this year. It’s not really my target but I just wanted to try out the widget on my blog (see the sidebar) and that meant I had to state a target. I’m not bothered if I don’t meet my ‘target’, but according to Goodreads I am now 3 books behind at my current pace, which does make me a bit self-conscious and think I’m not reading as fast as I should – which is ridiculous! My ‘slowness’ may have something to do with the fact I’ve got four books on the go at the moment and that two of them are long books – Titus Groan and The Bell, both of which I’ve read before.

[And I have been spending quite a lot of time bird-watching! Today I’ve been watching the baby collard dove being fed – video to follow later.]

On Friday I wrote about the beginning of The Bell, when I’d read about 25% of the book and I was full of enthusiasm for it. Reading on in the book since then my enthusiasm as waned as the action became bogged down in long descriptive passages on the characters’ thoughts and almost ground to a halt. This doesn’t seem to be the book I remember, or maybe those tedious passages went in one eye and out the other as rapidly as I read them. I’ll finish the book, though, to see if it improves towards the end. Maybe this is a book I shouldn’t have re-read!

Titus Groan, however, is standing up to the test of re-reading and is still as enjoyable as it was when I first read it. It too has long passages of description but they are far from tedious. I’m reading this as part of Farm Lane Books Readalong, where there’s an interesting discussion in progress. I shan’t be writing about this book each week, but reserving judgement until the end.

Other books I have on the go are lighter reads:

  • Gently by the Shore by Alan Hunter – the second Inspector Gently book. This isn’t as captivating as the first Gently book, but it’s ok. It’s really a period piece, originally published in 1956. A naked dead body is found on the shore, with no means of identification. Inspector Gently investigates, eating his peppermint creams and smoking his pipe.
  • The Doctor of Thessaly by Anne Zouroudi, the first book by this author that I’ve read. so far I’m finding it an excellent book if a little slow in getting to any action. The doctor who was supposed to be getting married didn’t turn up at the wedding ceremony in a little Greek village. Later on he’s found, having been blinded. It’s up to a mysterious fat man called Hermes Diaktoros to solve the crime.

I’m plodding along nicely with these books but still find myself thinking about what to read when I’ve finished them. I fancy an Agatha Christie and have a few to choose from, including this book which I bought last week:

Miss Marple and Mystery: the Complete Short Stories, some of which I’ve read in other collections, but still plenty of others I haven’t read.

I should be able to slot in a few of these this next week.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Currently Reading …

  1. Always nice to read a little Agatha, for me anyway. I’m not a big lover of short stories, but I love hers. Enjoy!


  2. Margaret – I look forward to what you think of those short stories! As for the goal-and-reading-pace point you made, I don’t really set particular goals for myself when it comes to the number of books I read. Some books take longer to read than others, and sometimes life gets in the way of reading a book quickly. I admire people who set and meet reading goals, and I sometimes wish I could. I just… don’t.


  3. I haven´t reread anything for a long time. I don´t feel daunted (I think) by goals I have set myself, but recently I have felt my TBR is in control, and not the other way round. So this time I am determined to read a lot of the excellent books I have standing around before I acquire new ones.


  4. I think 100 books would be an impossible dream for me. But I can see why you wanted the little widget! It’s nice. 🙂 I’ve had a good reading month so far but am now reading 2 books at once so, like you, it’s slowed me down considerably. And who can blame you for being distracted by collared dove chicks!


  5. Wonderful goals, I too have taken up a few challenges this year, and will not be disappointed if I don’t meet my goals, I know 100 books is not going to happen. I need to read me some Agatha this week as well. I find setting the goals for the challenges draws me out of my comfort zone and now I’m reading and enjoying books that I would have never picked up. happy Sunday.


  6. You are busy watching real life; sometimes, it is as good as a book! Enjoy it while it lasts; there’ll be plenty of time to read when the nature goes to sleep.


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