Saturday Snapshots – Castles

Bamburgh Castle seen from Lindisfarne

This is Bamburgh Castle, off the coast of Northumberland south of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and on Monday when we went to  the Island, it was clearly visible on the horizon. The sea was shimmering in the sunshine.

I posted a photo of Lindisfarne Castle when we visited the island in March. Early on Monday morning it was raining but it soon stopped and the sun came out, even though it remained extremely windy.

The Castle was originally an Elizabethan fort protecting the harbour. It was built between 1570 and 1572 and was garrisoned for over 300 years – guns and soldiers were removed in 1893. Now it is owned by the National Trust.

The photo below is of Lindisfarne Castle taken from the walled garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll north of the Castle. The site of the garden was where the soldiers of the fort had formerly grown vegetables.

Lindisfarne Castle

Inside the Castle it’s an Edwardian house, designed by the architect Edwin Lutyens for his friend Edward Hudson, who was the founder of Country Life magazine. By 1902 the castle was derelict and Lutyens turned it into a holiday home for Hudson. It’s both homely and dramatic. There are columns and rounded arches; the rooms are all small  – you can imagine yourself living there. The dining room in the old Tudor fortress has a vaulted ceiling with a wide arched chimney-piece. It had once been a bakery and there is an old bread oven next to the fireplace.

Lindisfarne Castle Dining Room

These days you can get married in the Ship Room, so called because of the wooden model ship that hangs from the ceiling, flanked by two Dutch 17th century chandeliers:

Lindisfarne Castle Ship Room

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots – Castles

  1. Oh, I absolutely love castles! My eldest son is a photographer, living in Europe since the mid-nineties (Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany), and he films weddings in or near castles. Once he lived in an old 16th C. castle while it was undergoing renovations.

    Great photos…I think my favorite is the Castle dining room, but the ship room is fabulous, too!



  2. I visited a castle in Ireland but it wasn’t in very good shape. Thank you for sharing these photos. I love the movement of the water in the first one.


  3. I´d love visiting the castle, but living beneath those vaults – not so sure. The plates look surprisingly modern, though 🙂


  4. Hello Margaret,

    Love the pictures and love the subject matter. This, to us, is where membership of NT or EH come into their own, because no matter where you go in the country, there is always somewhere of historical importance to visit and we have such great places.

    We have our own Edwin Lutyens claim to fame, in this part of the country, in the shape of Castle Drogo in Devon.

    We have a short break planned in Tenby, South Wales, coming up and we hope to visit the monastic island of Caldey, so looking forward to that.


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