12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Love the Snow

  1. “Love” is not quite the word I am using. Although I do like tramping out in the snow I hate not being able to get out and about and do everything I had planned. The Bears are housebound as well. Eight inches come well over the head of most of them. They are enjoying standing at the front door and playing at being Captain Oates, though.


    1. Mmmm – second thoughts now about “Love the snow” – more heavy snowfall today and more threatening for the foreseeable future, means we could be housebound too. We’ve just had a powercut and thankfully the electricity is back now – coffee time calls!


  2. How hard is it for an American to come live in England?? 😉 Your pictures sure make me want to live there instead of dreary rainy Seattle today!


  3. You have much more snow than us – we only got a light covering, which is now sheet ice. Not good! Happy New Year to you, Margaret. Do hope 2010 is a marvellous one for you and yours.


  4. Lot’s of folks getting snow there and here across the pond. We need to drive to hours north to the Grand Canyon area for snow. Your photos are great!


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