Frozen In

I wasn’t going to write anything else about the weather, as it’s getting boring now all that white stuff everywhere and I certainly wasn’t going to post any more snow photos.

But this morning, peering out of the windows to see if by any chance the snow might have gone away I saw this through the front door:

Front door icicles


The door was frozen. Eventually my husband wrenched it open (I couldn’t budge it) and this is what we saw.

Front door icicles 2


Front door icicles 3

10 thoughts on “Frozen In

  1. Margaret, you are living in a winter wonderland. Although I’m sure it looks better than it actually is. One of my husband’s employees is Scottish and he went home for a couple of weeks. Said it snowed every day. And it said that was most unusual. Guess you guys are having a real winter. Take care and stay warm!


  2. I have a knitting friend in England and actually she says the weather is downright frigid. Take care and stay warm and keep your faucets dripping a bit.
    I live in a town that has very poor snow plowing capabilities so if we get a big snow, it’s a mess. We also got down to -4 (F) so I feel your pain!


  3. I for one don’t find your snow pictures boring! 😉 What a frigid landscape though. Just plain rainy and gray here in Seattle today. I will live vicariously through your photos!


  4. I believe that nature helps you deal with the extreme by balancing it with beauty. It is “Wonder Full”.
    Thank you for sharing Margaret it is never boring.


  5. I’ve been wondering how you were getting on. We don’t have quite as much but more is forecast for tomorrow and I’m getting ready to dig in for another week. My usual response to this sort of situation is Joe Gargary’s “What’s Lark!” but even that is beginning to wear a bit thin now. Keep safe.


  6. What gorgeous photos! I know the snow can be a nuisance, and I dislike being cold all winter, but I have to admit it’s awfully pretty to look at from my cozy, warm little home. We’ve had snow on the ground since early December, along with very frigid temps. I’m ready for Spring, but I’m trying not to complain. Too much. 🙂


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