My Family Bible – now restored

In October I wrote about my family Bible before I took it to a local bookbinder to repair it. The front cover was completely detached as were a number of the first pages including details of births, marriages and deaths in the family from the latter part of the 19th century. The spine had almost crumbled away and the detached pages were flaking away. The metal clasps wouldn’t fasten.

Before Restoration
Before Restoration
Bible spine
Old spine

Yesterday I collected the restored Bible, all in one piece, complete with new spine. The metal clasps now fasten and the leather has been treated revealing the gold lettering.

I’m delighted!

Restored front cover in close up
Restored front cover in close up
Restored Bible showing metal clasps
Restored Bible showing metal clasps


New spine
Front and bookmark
Front and bookmark


The bookbinder found the bookmark inside the Bible. I think the words are very appropriate for a Family Bible:


Though some perhaps of the kindred band,

Are scattered far and wide,

And some we love, in the better land

Are keeping this Christmas tide;

Yet all may join in one song today,

The song that can never cease,

And heart meet heart while we kneel and pray,

God give us His love and peace.

10 thoughts on “My Family Bible – now restored

  1. Oh my, they’ve done a wonderful job there. It’s an incredibly beautiful bible. Not to be irreverant but it now looks like a prop from the TV series, Merlin. Beautiful.


  2. I am really pleased with the result. The bookbinder actually had three others to do when I took it in – so he could practice on those before he got to mine!! Seriously he does a very good job.

    Oh Cath, you made me laugh! It does look really ancient.


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