This Isn’t Fiction Reading Challenge: Progress Page

The This Isn’t Fiction Reading Challenge (ie reading non fiction) is run by Birgit at The Book Garden.

These are the levels to aim for:

  • 5 Books – Kindergarden
  • 10 Books – Elementary School
  • 15 Books – High School
  • 20 or more Books – College

After looking at my list of unread non fiction on my LibraryThing catalogue I found that I have 30+ books, so I should find plenty of choice to go for the High School level and maybe even for the College level. Most of them are autobiographies/biographies, with some history and a touch of philosophy and travel.

My Progress:

  1. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang
  2. Paw Tracks at Owl Cottage by Denis O’Connor
  3. Wildwood: a Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin
  4. Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain
  5. A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor
  6. Searching for The Secret River by Kate Grenville
  7. Agatha Christie: an English Mystery by Laura Thompson
  8. Agatha Christie at Home by Hilary Macaskill
  9. Flodden 1513: Scotland’s Greatest Defeat by John Sadler

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