Saturday Snapshot – our newest arrival!

We went to get the car MOT’d yesterday. Whilst we were waiting we walked down the road a little way to the Animal Rescue Kennels – just to have a look, you know. Actually we’d been thinking about going there for months, but yesterday was the day. And look who came home with us:

She’s two years old and a little timid and camera shy at the moment, but I managed to take this picture. Whitie, that’s the name she knows, so I think we’ll carry on calling her that – she comes when you call her name, is sitting where Lucy used to sit – on the computer room windowsill. Lucy died a year last January and it’s taken us this long to feel it’s right to get another cat. She’s seems to be settling quite well.

Here she is deciding whether to sit down or not – she did and she’s sitting there now as I type.

Here’s another photo – taken last night in the kitchen:

No doubt there’ll be a few more photos soon.

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