Agatha Christie Short Stories

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By my reckoning Agatha Christie wrote 157 short stories, published in a number of collections. Wikipedia records that she wrote 153 short stories, published in 14 collections in the UK and in the US. Some stories were published under different names in the US Collections.

I’ve compiled this list from the list of short stories on the Agatha Christie Site. I may have included duplications which could account for the difference in numbers. As I work through the stories I will amend the list as necessary.

The titles shown in bold are stories I have read and I have indicated the collection in which they appear – some appear in more than one collection and I have only recorded the ones I have read. The links are to my posts on the collections.

1     A Christmas Tragedy in The Thirteen Problems

2     A Fairy in the Flat – in Partners in Crime

3     A Fruitful Sunday – in The Golden Ball

4     A Pot of Tea – in Partners in Crime

5     Accident – in Miss Marple and Mystery

6     At the ‘Bells and Motley’ – in  The Mysterious Mr Quin

7       Blindman’s Buff – in Partners in Crime

8       Christmas Adventure – this was published in 1997 in While The Light Lasts (UK) and The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories (US), titled The Christmas Adventure. – Also published  in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (see below)

9     Dead Man’s Mirror in Murder in the Mews

10    Death by Drowning in The Thirteen Problems

11    Death on the Nile – in The Complete Parker Pyne

12    Double Sin – in Poirot’s Early Cases

13    Finessing the King/The Gentleman Dressed in Newspaper – in Partners in Crime

14    Four and Twenty Blackbirds in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

15     Greenshaw’s Folly – in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

16     Harlequin’s Lane – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

17    Have You Got Everything You Want? – in The Complete Parker Pyne

18    The House of Dreams – in Miss Marple and Mystery

19    How Does Your Garden Grow? – in  Poirot’s Early Cases

20    In A Glass Darkly – in  Miss Marple and Mystery

21    Ingots of Gold – in The Thirteen Problems

22    Jane in Search of a Job – in The Golden Ball

23    Magnolia Blossom -in Miss Marple and Mystery

24    Manx Gold – in Miss Marple and Mystery

25    Miss Marple Tells a Story – in Miss Marple and Mystery

26    Motive v Opportunity – in The Thirteen Problems

27    Mr Eastwood’s Adventure – in Miss Marple and Mystery

28    Murder in the Mews –  in Murder in the Mews

29    Next to a Dog – in Miss Marple and Mystery

30    Philomel Cottage – in Miss Marple and Mystery

31    Problem at Pollensa Bay – in The Complete Parker Pyne

32    Problem at Sea – in Poirot’s Early Cases

33    S O S – in Miss Marple and Mystery

34    Sanctuary – in Miss Marple and Mystery

35    Second Gong – in Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories

36    Sing a Song of Sixpence – in Miss Marple and Mystery

37    Strange Jest – in Miss Marple and Mystery

38    Swan Song – in The Golden Ball

39    Tape-Measure Murder -in Miss Marple and Mystery

40    The Actress – in Miss Marple and Mystery

41    The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly -in Poirot’s Early Cases

42    The Adventure of the ‘Western Star’ – in Poirot Investigates

43    The Adventure of the Cheap Flat – in Poirot Investigates

44    The Adventure of the Christmas PuddinginThe Adventure of the Christmas Puddingoriginally published in 1923

45    The Adventure of the Clapham Cook – in Poirot’s Early Cases

46    The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb – in Poirot Investigates

47    The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman – in Poirot Investigates

48    The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger – in Partners in Crime

49    The Affair at the Bungalow – in The Thirteen Problems

50    The Affair at the Victory Ball – in Poirot’s Early Cases

51    The Affair of the Pink Pearl – in Poirot’s Early Cases

52    The Ambassador’s Boots – in Partners in Crime

53    The Apples of the Hesperides – in The Labours of Hercules

54    The Arcadian Deer – in The Labours of Hercules

55    The Augean Stables – in The Labours of Hercules

56    The Bird with the Broken Wing – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

57    The Bloodstained Pavement – in The Thirteen Problems

58    The Blue Geraniumin The Thirteen Problems

59    The Call of Wings – in The Hound of Death

60    The Capture of Cerberusin The Labours of Hercules

61    The Case of the Caretaker – in Miss Marple and Mystery

62    The Case of the City Clerk – in The Complete Parker Pyne

63    The Case of the Discontented Husband – in The Complete Parker Pyne

64    The Case of the Discontented Soldier – in The Complete Parker Pyne

65    The Case of the Distressed Lady – in The Complete Parker Pyne

66    The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife – in The Complete Parker Pyne

67    The Case of the Missing Lady – in Partners in Crime

68    The Case of the Missing Will – in Poirot Investigates

69    The Case of the Perfect Maid – in Miss Marple and Mystery

70    The Case of the Rich Woman – in The Complete Parker Pyne

71    The Chocolate Box – in Poirot’s Early Cases

72    The Clergyman’s Daughter/The Red House – in Partners in Crime

73    The Coming of Mr Quin – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

74    The Companion – in The Thirteen Problems

75    The Cornish Mystery – in Poirot’s Early Cases

76    The Crackler – in Partners in Crime

77    The Cretan Bullin The Labours of Hercules

78    The Dead Harlequin – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

79    The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim – in Poirot Investigates

80    The Double Clue – in Poirot’s Early Cases

81    The Dream – in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

82    The Dressmaker’s Doll – in Miss Marple and Mystery

83    The Edge – in Miss Marple and Mystery

84    The Erymanthian Boar in The Labours of Hercules

85    The Face of Helen– in The Mysterious Mr Quin

86    The Flock of Geryon – in The Labours of Hercules

87    The Four Suspectsin The Thirteen Problems

88    The Fourth Manin The Hound of Death

89    The Gate of Baghdad – in The Complete Parker Pyne

90    The Gipsy – in The Hound of Death

91    The Girdle of Hyppolita – in The Labours of Hercules

92    The Girl in the Train – in Miss Marple and Mystery

93    The Golden Ball – in The Golden Ball and Miss Marple and Mystery

94    The Harlequin Tea Set – in

95    The Herb of Death – in  The Thirteen Problems

96    The Horses of Diomedes – in The Labours of Hercules

97    The Hound of Death –  in Murder in the Mews

98    The House of Dreams – in  Miss Marple and Mystery

99    The House of Lurking Death- in Partners in Crime

100  The House of Shiraz – in The Complete Parker Pyne

101  The Idol House of Astarte – in The Thirteen Problems

102  The Incredible Theft –  in Murder in the Mews

103  The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan – in Poirot Investigates

104  The Kidnapped Prime Minister – in Poirot Investigates

105  The King of Clubs – in Poirot’s Early Cases

106  The Lamp –  in The Hound of Death

107 Wireless –  in The Hound of Death

108  The Last Seance –  in The Hound of Death

109  The Lemesurier Inheritance – in Poirot’s Early Cases

110  The Lernean Hydra – in The Labours of Hercules

111  The Listerdale Mystery – in The Golden Ball and Miss Marple and Mystery

112  The Lonely God – in Miss Marple and Mystery

113  The Lost Mine – in Poirot’s Early Cases

114  The Love Detectives – in

115  The Man from the Sea – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

116  The Man in the Mist – in Partners in Crime

117  The Man Who Was No.16 – in Partners in Crime

118  The Manhood of Edward Robinson – in Miss Marple and Mystery

119  The Market Basing Mystery – in Poirot’s Early Cases

120  The Million Dollar Bond Robbery – in Poirot Investigates

121  The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge – in Poirot Investigates

122  The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest – in

123  The Mystery of the Blue Jar –  in The Hound of Death

124  The Mystery of the Spanish Chest –  in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

125  The Mystery of the Spanish Shawl – in

126  The Nemean Lion –  in The Labours of Hercules

127  The Oracle at Delphi – in The Complete Parker Pyne

128  The Pearl of Price – in The Complete Parker Pyne

129  The Plymouth Express – in Poirot’s Early Cases

130  The Rajah’s Emerald – in Miss Marple and Mystery

131  The Red Signal –  in The Hound of Death

132  The Regatta Mystery – in The Complete Parker Pyne

133  The Shadow on the Glass – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

134  The Sign in the Sky – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

135  The Soul of the Croupier – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

136  The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael –  in The Hound of Death

137  The Stymphalean Birds – in The Labours of Hercules

138  The Submarine Plans – in Poirot’s Early Cases

139  The Sunningdale Mystery – in Partners in Crime

140  The Theft of the Royal Ruby – in

141  The Third-Floor Flat – in Partners in Crime

142  The Thumb Mark of St Peter –  in The Thirteen Problems

143  The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor – in Poirot Investigates

144  The Tuesday Night Club –  in The Thirteen Problems

145  The Unbreakable Alibi – in Partners in Crime

146  The Under Dog – in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

147  The Veiled Lady – in Poirot’s Early Cases

148  The Voice in the Dark – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

149  The Witness for the Prosecution –  in The Thirteen Problems

150  The World’s End – in The Mysterious Mr Quin

151  Three Blind Mice – in

152  Triangle at Rhodes – in Murder in the Mews

153  Wasps’ Nest – in Poirot’s Early Cases

154  Where There’s a Will – in Miss Marple and Mystery

155  While the Light Lasts – in Poirot’s Early Cases

156  Within a Wall – in Miss Marple and Mystery

157  Yellow Iris – in

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