Wanderlust Bingo

This is a brand new challenge for 2021 devised by FictionFan.

This is the safe way to travel for 2021. Virtual travelling is the way to go, so I’m looking forward to seeing new places this year in my reading. Any type of book will count – crime, fiction, science fiction, non-fiction and a country can only appear once. Like FictionFan I’m not planning right now which books to read, but I’ll just wait and see what boxes I can fill from my general reading, and then towards the end I’ll frantically try to find books to fill in any missing squares! 

6 thoughts on “Wanderlust Bingo

  1. What a great meme, Margaret! I think it’s very clever, and it ought to lead you to some interesting reads. I’ll look forward to your posts as you make prpogress.

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  2. Hurrah! I’m delighted to have a fellow traveller! Maybe we’ll run across each other in some obscure corner of the world and sample the local cake over coffee! Hopefully somewhere warm rather than in the polar regions… 😉

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