What’s In a Name 2018: Wrap Up Post

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I nearly completed the What’s In a Name Challenge 2018, hosted by Charlie at The Worm Hole. The challenge ran from January to December. During that time the challenge was to read six books, each with a title including the following words:

These are the books I read, linked to my reviews.

The word ‘the’ used twice

fruit or vegetable 

A title which has a shape in it

title that begins with Z – can be after ‘The’ or ‘A’ 

  • I began reading Zoo Time by Harold Jacobson early in the year, but it wasn’t appealing to me at the time and put it back on the shelf. Recently I’ve picked it up again but I’m not sure I shall carry on with it.



I enjoyed the books I finished reading, especially The Grapes of Wrath. My thanks to Charlie for hosting this challenge.

My sign up post for What’s In a Name? 2019 with a new host, Andrea at The Carolina Book Nook will follow tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “What’s In a Name 2018: Wrap Up Post

  1. You have fine choices for this challenge, Margaret! I like the variety of what you read. And I know just what you mean about books you put aside; I do that, too.


  2. Well done on getting as far as you did, Margaret. I’ve done the challenge a few times but never finished it until last year.


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