The Hunger by Alma Katsu

The Hunger

Random House UK|5 April 2018|373 pages|e-book |Review copy|5*

6 thoughts on “The Hunger by Alma Katsu

  1. This sounds absorbing, Margaret. What a lot of challenges and obstacles those people faced! And I like it when history is told (or explored, at any rate) through the eyes of the people who lived it.


  2. Yes, The Donner Party is a very famous tale in the US. I’ve heard a bit about this book, but not very much. I’m curious I will admit so I’ll likely look for this at my library. I do understand that the author adds some supernatural elements. Spooky.


  3. Sounds great! I love stories about pioneers too, and I love the kind of spooky horror this sounds as if it has. Must keep an eye out for this one round about Hallowe’en time…


  4. I agree with your review of the book as well-written and absorbing. I do, however, take issue in general when an author takes liberties with the character of a well-known historical figure such as Mrs Donner and portrays her in such an unflattering way, contrary to all we know of her real person. She was devoted to her husband and stayed behind with him when the rescue party arrived because he was too weak to move. She was never seen again although evidence exists to suggest that she, too, was eaten by another Donner party member.


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