Happy New Year!

2017 Happy New Year background with fireworks.

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2017 ‘“ and one filled with many good books!

So it’s goodbye 2016 ‘“ I’ve enjoyed this year of blogging and reading ‘“ some excellent books were read.

In total I read 100 books, some very long and some very short. Goodreads tells me I read 33,73o pages, and that along with 1,917,688 other people the most popular book I read was A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (I also watched the TV series). I shall write more about the books I read last year in a later post. But for now here are my Reading Resolutions:

I’m aiming:

  • To reduce the TBRs on my shelves, both physical and virtual. I never achieve this, but it’s good to try.
  • To read what I want when I want.
  • And above all to be relaxed about reading ‘“ I’m not setting any targets for numbers of books or the number of pages read, (I usually read the same number of books each year in any case) although I won’t be able to resist checking my progress!


  1. Happy New Year! I want my reading to be relaxed this year too, so I’m not going to be setting targets either. Good luck with reducing the TBR.


  2. I had a great blogging year too.

    I met a lot of new bloggers and became better friends with my old blogging buddies. 🙂

    100 books is great. I just made it to 50 at the last minute. 🙂

    Have a great 2017 reading year, and I hope you reach your goal of reducing your TBR stack.

    I am leaving the link to my first post of 2017 that includes my first book of 2017.

    Happy New Year!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My First Book Of The Year


  3. Excellent reading resolutions which I shall try to emulate, Margaret. Happy New Year and I look forward to more of your reviews even if they will inevitably add to my tbr list!


  4. Happy New Year to you as well. I am also trying for a stress-free reading year–I did a GoodReads goal, what I easily met this year, but that’s it! Although I may do a challenge along the say that strikes my fancy. The Hadrian’s Wall trip is coming together and I am about to start in on that list you provided months ago now!

    I really enjoy reading your posts and learning about books/authors I haven’t heard of from you. Best wishes for a wonderful 2017.


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