Mount TBR 2016 Final Checkpoint


Mount TBR 2016

It’s time for the final checkpoint in Bev’s Mount TBR Reading challenge 2016:

My aim was to scale Mt Ararat (ie to read 48 books) but I only made it to the base of the mountain, reading 38 books, as I got side-tracked by reading new books that I bought/borrowed during the year – which is the reason I always have a lot of TBRs.

The Words to the Wise According to Mount TBR: Using the titles of the books you read this year, see how many of the familiar proverbs and sayings below you can complete with a book read on your journey up the Mountain.

A stitch in time saves … Wycliffe and the Tangled Web
Don’t count your chickens… [at] The Mill on the Floss
A penny saved is… The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle
All good things must come… [to the] People of the Book
When in Rome… Accidents Happen
All that glitters is not… The Sunne in Splendour
A picture is worth a…  A Game of Thrones
When the going gets tough, the tough get…  The Mysterious Mr Quin
Two wrongs don’t make… Partners in Crime
The pen is mightier than… The Secret Hangman
The squeaky wheel gets… Talking to the Dead
Hope for the best, but prepare for… Bones and Silence
Birds of a feather flock… [to] The Bean Trees

5 thoughts on “Mount TBR 2016 Final Checkpoint

  1. 38 is a pretty decent stab at Mt. Ararat and a lot of books off the pile. Good answers to The Words to the Wise… I need to get around to my wrap-up post too.


  2. This is really clever, Margaret! I love it! And I know just what you mean about being sidetracked when one’s trying to whittle down the TBR!


  3. I participated in the Mount TBR challenge too — just posted my own final checkpoint. Your Words of the Wise turned out pretty witty. 🙂 My favorite is “Birds of a feather flock’¦ [to] The Bean Trees”. Ha!


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