February’s Books 2016

I finished reading six books in February and am in the middle of two more, both long books. Just one book from my TBR shelves this month, and no non-fiction. My unfinished books are SPQR: a History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard and Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope – a three part adaptation of this novel begins on ITV on 6 March.

The six books I finished are:

  1. Too Soon a Death by Janet O’Kane (review book) – crime fiction set in the Scottish Borders featuring Dr. Kate Moreland as she is once more involved in solving a murder mystery.
  2. Six Tudor Queens: Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen by Alison Weir (review book) – as the title indicates historical fiction about Henry VIII’s first wife. A detailed fictional biography. My review is to follow.
  3. A House Divided by Margaret Skea – historical fiction set in 1597 in Scotland and France, this is the most gripping story of the feuding clans of Cunninghame and Montgomerie. The historical facts blend seamlessly into the narrative, with beautiful descriptive passages.
  4. Styx and Stones by Carola Dunn – ‘cosy’ crime fiction in the Daisy Dalrymple series set in England in the 1920s – an entertaining book.
  5. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (TBR) – fiction of a different style from the other books I read this month, one to make me think. Set in Gilead, Iowa in 1956 this is the Reverend John Ames letter to his young son.
  6. Slade House by David Mitchell (library book) – a mixture of a ghost story, science fiction and horror. Something nasty happens every nine years at the end of October at Slade House. Once I started I had to read to the end.

Although I enjoyed all the books I read in February and was fascinated by Slade House I have absolutely no doubt about my choice of book of the month – it’s the brilliant

A House Divided by Margaret Skea.

8 thoughts on “February’s Books 2016

  1. Always good to have a definite favourite. I struggled to choose a favourite last month, but I suppose that’s good as that means almost every book I read last month was good.


  2. I have Margaret Skea on my tbr list. Keen to read your Alison Weir review when it’s posted.
    Also looking forward to Sunday’s ‘Doctor Thorne’—- some good actors in that serial, thanks for the link, Margaret.


  3. Your favourite sounds good indeed! I’m intrigued by the Weir, I often like her work, and the ‘six’ there sounds promising for the future. Have a good reading March!


  4. I got interested in the Skea when I read your review, Margaret. I’m glad you enjoyed it so well. And you’ve got so many great historical books there. You had a good month, I think.


  5. Now I’ve seen A House Divided is your pick of the month, I can’t wait to read Margaret Skea’s books even more; maybe March will be the month. I am also interested to hear your thoughts on Weir’s book about Katherine of Aragon. Happy reading in March 🙂


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