‘¦ it’s NUMBER 5

which on my list is The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens.

I have until October 23, 2015 to read it  – but it could easily take me much longer than that as in the mean time I have George Eliot’s Adam Bede to read for my local book group for our next meeting at the end of September. I can see that my reading is going to be a lot slower than normal.

I have started reading Adam Bede, but each time I’ve picked it up I’ve nodded off to sleep (and it wasn’t even bedtime!) I just hope The Old Curiosity Shop won’t have the same effect on me. I have a feeling that I might find it a bit too sentimental for my liking – this is the book in which Little Nell suffers a melodramatic death. And that’s as much as I know about it.

If you’re in the Spin too which book did you get?

13 thoughts on “THE CLASSICS SPIN RESULT ‘¦

  1. Not my favorite Dickens either–in fact, reading this put me off Dickens for roughly ten years. But, I’m a fan again, though I don’t see my rereading this one any time soon! That said, enjoy! 🙂

    I do like Adam Bede, and have willingly read it twice. I like most of George Eliot’s novels, and love Middlemarch. Hope you can finally get into it without nodding off.


  2. I started to read this book years ago but didn’t get very far with it. I would like to try it again now that I’ve read a lot more of Dickens. I hope Adam Bede improves for you soon – I haven’t read that one but I did enjoy Middlemarch and Romola.


    1. Oh dear! It certainly looks as though The Old Curiosity Shop could be difficult!

      Once I got into Middlemarch I loved it too, so maybe Adam Bede will grow on me if I read on. 🙂


  3. Oh, that’s a great spin, Margaret. It is quite sentimental, but it’s also Dickens 🙂 – I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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