Austen in August

Roof Beam Reader is hosting, for the 4th year, the annual Austen in August event. This is a one-month event focused on all things Jane Austen, including her primary texts, any re-imaginings of her works, biographies, critical texts, etc.

The Goal: To read as many of Jane Austen’s works (finished or unfinished) as you want or are able to, during the month of August.  Biographies, audiobooks, spin-offs, and re-reads also count.

I haven’t taken part before but as I have just one book by Jane Austen left to read I thought it would give me a gentle push in the direction of Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon.

These are three short works in one volume – Lady Susan is a finished novel and the other two are unfinished fragments.

I may also make a start on reading Jane Austen’s Letters, edited by Deidre Le Faye, but I don’t think I’ll finish the book in August!

3 thoughts on “Austen in August

  1. I actually really enjoyed Lady Susan. Luckily, with Austen, her output is not prodigious, so it is quite easy to cover most if not all of her works. I used to reread all her novels every year, but now I make do with certain passages. The letters, unfortunately, are slightly disappointing, as Cassandra destroyed anything of interest.


    • Marina I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread Pride and Prejudice, but haven’t reread the others that much.It is a pity Cassandra destroyed so many of Jane’s letters. Still, I am looking forward to reading what is left.


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