Books Read in April 2015

After a bumper month in March, reading 11 books, I’m back to normal this April, reading 7 books, bringing my total for the year so far to 33.

Here they are in the order I read them:

  1. Dacre’s War by Rosemary Goring  –  set in 16th century Scotland, there is so much packed in this book, political intrigue, personal conflict and vengeance, and spies, manipulators and double crossers abound. I loved it.
  2. The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld-  historical fiction ‘“ a mixture of murder mystery and psychoanalysis with an interpretation of ‘˜Hamlet‘˜ thrown in.
  3. Dreamwalker by James Oswald – inspired by Welsh folklore this is a magical tale of the young dragon, Benfro and the young boy, Errol, born on the same day. I was drawn into their fantasy world.
  4. Nora Webster by Colm Toibin – set in Ireland in the late 1960s, a vivid portrait of a woman initially locked within her grief, claustrophobic and intensely personal, and focussing on daily life in all its boredom, frustration and triviality.
  5. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey – The events in that unfold in Emma Healey’s debut novel are seen through Maud’s eyes. But Maud is an unreliable narrator ‘“ she can’t help it though as she has dementia.
  6. The Last Girl by Jane Casey – crime fiction, the third Maeve Kerrigan book in which Maeve investigates the murders of Vita Kennford and her daughter, Laura, age 14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
  7. Have His Carcase by Dorothy L Sayers –  a brilliant book, crime fiction from the Golden Age the second book featuring Harriet Vane, a crime fiction writer, in which Harriet and Lord Peter Wimsey investigate the death of a man found on a deserted beach with his throat cut.

It’s really difficult this month to choose which one I enjoyed the most because I’ve read some really good books. But on balance I think it has to be  Have His Carcase by Dorothy L Sayersbecause that book kept me entertained on several levels – it’s a mystery and a love story all rolled into one and set in the 1930s it also has historical interest, although it’s not historical fiction per se.


4 thoughts on “Books Read in April 2015”

  1. I too had a better reading month in March than I did April. I’m putting it down to Easter and family stuff and then… yes… The Garden. LOL! Have His Carcase is a very good choice for best book, in my opinion.


  2. You’ve read some excellent books this month, Margaret! I would have had a hard time choosing among them too. I’m very glad you liked the Sayers as much as you did. In my opinion it’s an excellent read.


  3. 11 books is amazing but 7 books is still a great amount, and it looks like you enjoyed all of them too. I really think I need to try Dorothy L Sayers. I wish you more happy reading in May 🙂


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