Stacking the Shelves: April 18


Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves. This means you can include ‘˜real’ and ‘˜virtual’ books (ie physical and ebooks) you’ve bought, books you’ve borrowed from friends or the library, review books, and gifts.

These are the latest arrivals from the mobile library:


Gently North West by Alan Hunter – I’ve read a couple of the Inspector Gently books and I really like the TV dramatisation of these books. (Coincidently the BBC are showing a trailer of the new series of Inspector Gently coming soon.) This book is a bit different as it’s set in Scotland where Gently is on holiday. Inevitably, his holiday is put on hold as he stalks a murderer in the mountains!

Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves – I’ve seen the TV version but not  read the book. This is the 6th Vera book. It’s set in the quiet Northumberland town of Mardle (filmed at Alnmouth) where DI Vera Stanhope is investigating the deaths of two women – but the residents of Harbour Street are reluctant to speak.

Bright Hair About The Bone by Barbara Cleverly – this is by a new-to-me author and I picked the book off the shelf as the title struck me as rather strange. It’s historical crime fiction set in France in 1926, where an ancient church is being excavated in Burgundy. Archaeologist Laetitia Talbot investigates the death of her godfather, Daniel Thorndon. I hope it’s as interesting as it appears.

The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas. I’ve read a few of her Commissaire Adamsberg books. This one looks really interesting, set in a village far outside Adamsberg’s jurisdiction (like the Gently book!) he agrees to investigate the strange happenings in the village which is terrorised by wild rumours and ancient feuds.

Have you read any of these – and what books have you found this week?

17 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves: April 18

  1. I have not watched the Vera show or read the books. Have meant to. I did try the Gently TV series, but stopped for some reason that I can’t remember now. And have not read the books. Will be interested in hearing what you think.


  2. I’ve watched the Vera and the Gently series and enjoyed them, but haven’t read the books. The Barbara Cleverly book sounds interesting–I love mysteries and archaelolgy combos!


  3. Margaret – Good to see you’re trying the Vargas. That one, in my opinion, is quite good. And I do love Adamsberg’s character and the dynamics among his team members. I hope you’ll enjoy this!


  4. Margaret I just picked up a Barbara Cleverly book too! Also a new author to me. I will definitely get that George Gently book, will count for Read Scotland. I too loved the BBC series. Thanks for the heads up on the new one!


  5. Hi Margaret,

    Two authors I know of and two new to me.

    I have read a couple of books by Alan Hunter and Ann Cleeves before, although I am by no means a series follower.

    Of your other featured authors, I think that Barbara Cleverly’s writing sounds more like my kind of thing, so she is a definite new name for my list.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy all your new finds 🙂



  6. I really enjoy the Insp Gently TV series. I’ve seen every episode but have not read any of the books so I’m thrilled to read that you will be reviewing one of the books. I was also shocked to find out that there are 46 books in the series.
    Just the opposite with the Ann Cleeves series, she’s one of my favourites & I have read all of her Vera books but have avoided the series. I prefer the TV series in my head – hah!
    Just wondering, have you read any of the “Constable” books by Nicholas Rhea? They still air old episodes of Heartbeat here in Canada & I just love it. I’m wondering how closely the books follow the TV series.


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