New-To-Me Books

I took a bagful of books back to Barter Books yesterday and came home with these books:

Christie encyclopedia 01 P1010423From top to bottom

  • Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie – this is one of the few of her books that I have yet to read. I’ve been looking out for this one, first published in 1940. It’s a Poirot mystery in which there are two victims murdered by poison.

As I hope to finish reading Agatha Christie’s books this year I’ve decided to attempt reading as many of Ruth Rendell’s books and those she has written as Barbara Vine:

  • End in Tears by Ruth Rendell – an Inspector Wexford murder mystery in which the victim’s father discovers her body near the family house.
  • The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy by Barbara Vine – in this case a daughter discovers that her perfect father was not all he appeared to be.

Then I browsed the shelves and found the next two books:

  • The Winter Garden by Jane Thynne is set in Berlin in 1937, where Clara Vine, an actress is an undercover agent for British Intelligence.  I thought the author’s name was familiar but couldn’t remember reading any of her books – until I got home and found that I already have Black Roses, the first Clara Vine book (set in 1933),  unread on the black hole that is my Kindle. I’d better read Black Roses first.

and finally:

9 thoughts on “New-To-Me Books

  1. Looks like an excellent haul to me. I haven’t read many Rendell/Vine books but those I’ve read I thought were very good so reading all her books sounds like a fun project to get your teeth into.


  2. How very nice, Margaret. I have read SAD CYPRESS or maybe I read the play. Do you remember a book of Christie plays that came out years ago? It had THE MOUSETRAP in it. I loved that book. Wonder where it went? LOL

    I’m also going to try to read a few Rendell/Vine books. Maybe not the series, but some of the standalones. I read ANNA’S BOOK or ASTA’S BOOK years ago. Enjoy!


    1. I just went and looked on Amazon for that Christie play book and it’s available for Kindle. Yay! And I have you to thank for reminding me. I’m going to try to read it soon. I’m so happy!


  3. You got some great finds, Margaret! I think (I hope!) you’ll like the Rendell and the Vine, and I think Sad Cypress is a terrific little mystery. It has a lot to say about class issues as well as the actually case.


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