A Walk in the Woods

One day last week we went for a walk. I  was a bright, but cold day and just an ordinary woodland footpath in winter

Footpath P1010397

bare trees and snowdrops in flower:

Snowdrops P1010395

There was no breeze as we went down to the river:

River & hut P1010399

There’s a little hut on the riverside, now unused and peering through the window we could see it was half full of dead leaves.

We carried on through the woodland walking away from the river into a disused little quarry:

Quarry P1010407

and then we came across some strange objects hanging from the bare trees.

Shells and stones:

Shell P1010410

bones (little fish?):

bones P1010408

and then on one side of a tree a toy scarecrow:

Scarecrow P1010412

and on the other a totem:

Totem P1010414

Now I’m wondering – what is it all about? What’s the story?

5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. You know, Margaret, those things remind me of a story I read recently, but I can’t remember exactly. I bet you could write a whole crime novel around the little hut, the forest, the hanging objects. You didn’t stumble over a bone or two did you? LOL


  2. What an interesting find, Margaret! I’d love to know what it was all about too. And those are some stunning ‘photos, too!


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