What's In A Name 2015

The eighth annual What’s In A Name Challenge is being hosted again next year by Charlie at The Worm HoleWhat's in a name 2015

The challenge runs from January to December. During this time you choose a book to read from each of the following categories (Charlie has included examples of books you could choose in brackets):

  • A word including €˜ing’ in it (The Time Of Singing, Dancing To The Flute, Lex Trent Fighting With Fire) These examples are verbs but you can of course use other words.
  • A colour (The Red Queen, White Truffles In Winter, On Gold Mountain)
  • A familial relation (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone, Dombey And Son, My Cousin Rachel) By all means include in-laws, step, and halves.
  • A body of water (The River Of No Return, Black Lake, Beside The Sea)
  • A city (Barcelona Shadows, Shanghai Girls, Under The Tripoli Sky)
  • An animal (Black Swan Rising, The Leopard Unleashed, The Horse And His Boy)

The books may be in any form (audio, print, e-book). It is preferred that the books don’t overlap other challenges, but it’s not against the rules. Books cannot, however, overlap categories and it’s not necessary to make a list of books before hand.

I’ve checked my books and found plenty of choice for the category of books with the word ‘ing‘ in the title and a some for the other categories, but I’m not listing them here (too many) and will wait and see what I do eventually read.

For full details and the sign up post go to The Worm Hole.

5 thoughts on “What's In A Name 2015”

  1. Good luck with this challenge. It sounds like fun. I am tempted to join but I want to check I have some books for the categories already to help me get down my to-be-read pile…rather than adding to it!


  2. Dear Margaret, I found your site via Becky’s Book Reviews. I love how organized your site is and your reviews are thoughtful. I may join the Victorian Challenge as well. I am always looking for well written books, especially mysteries. As a Christian, I dislike cursing in books/explicit sex. Does Ann Cleeves curse in her books? I read your review on the Crow Trap. It sounds great.


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