Sunday Selection

I’m currently reading The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier and Almost Invincible: a biographical novel of Mary Shelley.  But I like to think about the books I’ve got waiting to be read. They are:

  • The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie – set in a remote house in the middle of Dartmoor, a group of six people gather round a table for a séance. The spirits spell out a chilling message of murder. This is an early Agatha Christie book, first published in 1931 and is one I’ve been looking for, for ages.
  • A Short Book about Drawing by Andrew Marr. This is a library book and I have already flipped through it and read little bits. It has colour photos of his paintings along with his ideas about the differences between fine art and drawing, the mechanics of drawing and how drawing and painting can help us to think and see the world differently and so on. It looks fascinating and I’ll read this very soon I think.
  • Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb – this is free on Kindle at the moment. I know that other book bloggers like Robin Hobbs’ books and I’ve been thinking of trying one myself. This one is the first in the Farseer Trilogy. I’m not sure what to expectIf you’ve read it what do you think?
  • The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland. Another library book I’ve borrowed – this one from the mobile library. I loved Company of Liars and The Owl Killers, so I’m expecting great things from this book – I hope I won’t be disappointed. It’s set in the reign of Richard II, the time of the Peasants Revolt, a time of murder and mayhem and when suspicions of witchcraft were high as people started to die unnatural deaths.

The thing is that I want to read them all right now!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Selection

  1. I read Assassin’s Apprentice a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it, even though I don’t usually read fantasy. I’m really looking forward to continuing with the second book in the trilogy. I also have a copy of The Vanishing Witch and am hoping to start it soon.


  2. Robin Hobb is probably my favourite fantasy author. Her books are densely packed but very readable. The Farseer trilogy is excellent. I’ve also read book 1 of the Madship Trader series which, to be honest, I thought was even better. I hope you enjoy Assassin’s Apprentice when you get to it.


  3. That’s a great collection, I haven’t read the Christie book either, bravo for doing as well as you are on that challenge. I’ve a long way to go…didn’t see a single Christie title at the charity book sale on Sat.


  4. I love the Farseer Trilogy. It was beautiful. So was the Tawny Man series (about The Fool), and then like Cath says, I read Mad Ship and fell in love with that series. Very interesting fantasy, and a writer who can write moving stories. I do hope you like Assassin’s Apprentice when you get to it!

    I have Company of LIars, so I must get to it soon. The Agatha Christie novel isn’t one I’ve read and sounds most interesting.

    I know what you mean by wanting to read them all!!! Enjoy 🙂


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