Agatha Christie Reading Challenge – Update

In September 2008 Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise launched the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge to read her way through Agatha Christie’s novels, in the order in which they were written.  I joined in but decided to read the books as I come across them rather than in order of publication. There are 66 mystery and detective novels and numerous collections of short stories.

Up to now I’ve read 54 books and 4 short story collections. The list of the books I’ve read is on my Agatha Christie Reading Challenge page. Just 11 or 12 books left for me to read (plus the short stories!):

  1. 1925 – The Secret of Chimneys – I think I’ve read this one! But I can’t find a record of it or the book, so maybe I haven’t!
  2. 1930 – The Murder at the Vicarage
  3. 1931 – The Sittaford Mystery
  4. 1935 – Three Act Tragedy*
  5. 1938 – Appointment with Death
  6. 1940 – Sad Cypress
  7. 1942 – The Moving Finger*
  8. 1944 – Towards Zero*
  9. 1944 – Death Comes as an End
  10. 1945 – Sparkling Cyanide
  11. 1945 – Destination Unknown
  12. 1969 – Hallowe’en Party*

* books I own

I also have The Mouse Trap to read and some of the short story collections  – Wikipedia lists these and there are a lot! Then there are the books Agatha Christie wrote under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott. I’ve read her Autobiography, but there is also an earlier book, Come, Tell Me How You Live under the name of Agatha Christie Mallowan.

8 thoughts on “Agatha Christie Reading Challenge – Update

  1. You’ve done amazingly with this challenge, Margaret! And I can understand the attraction as I’ve really enjoyed the three books I’ve read by her this year, especially Come, Tell Me How You Live.


  2. Margaret – I’m impressed! You’re almost done the novels! And of course, I love the topic of this particular challenge…. 😉


  3. Well done you. The list I am using is on the Agatha Christie website, but I haven’t included her Mary Westmacott ones or the plays. I have just read the newly found story which became Dead Mans Folly.


  4. I was lucky enough to be given a box with all AC’s books. I tried to do this myself a few years (reading in order) and managed the first five but getting distracted. I’d have to start again now! I have read most of them a long time ago of course but did fancy tracing the author’s progress. Perhaps a retirement project for me – eventually!


  5. Well done Margaret. So we have been reading together, keeping an eye on each other for 6 years now. It has certainly helped to keep me going. I have just begun ELEPHANTS CAN REMEMBER and after that I have 3 novels to go.


    • Thanks, Kerrie – you’ve helped keep me going too. It’s been a challenge finding the books which I’ve enjoyed immensely as well as reading them. I’ve already read the last four books – I’m sure you’ll like them. Elephants Can Remember and the next one Postern of Fate are not amongst her best books but the last two are!


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