Read Scotland 2014

This year I’m taking part in Peggy Ann’s Read Scotland 2014 challenge. She has compiled this helpful list of writers:

As I’m trying to read mainly from my own books this year I’ve searched my shelves and found I already have books by these authors to fit the bill of books written by a Scottish author (by birth or immigration) or about or set in Scotland. These are a mix of fiction and non-fiction writers. I have a feeling this is not an exhaustive list. I may have more, as I hadn’t realised the Scottish connections until I started looking – I don’t usually take any notice of an author’s nationality etc when deciding what to read!

  1. John Allen
  2. Kate Atkinson
  3. R M Ballantyne
  4. Iain Banks
  5. William Barclay
  6. Chris Brookmyre
  7. John Buchan
  8. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  9. A J Cronin
  10. Barbara Erskine
  11. Neil M Gunn
  12. Jane Harris
  13. James Hogg
  14. Michael Innes
  15. Ed James
  16. Philip Kerr
  17. Leanda de Lisle
  18. Alexander McCall Smith
  19. Neil MacGregor
  20. S G MacLean
  21. Sinclair Macleod
  22. Mark MacNicol
  23. Iain Macwhirter
  24. Allan Massie
  25. Neil Oliver
  26. James Oswald
  27. Stef Penney
  28. John Prebble
  29. Ian Rankin
  30. Sir Walter Scott
  31. Tobias Smollett
  32. R L Stevenson
  33. Iain Stewart
  34. Mary Stewart
  35. Dorothy Wordsworth

13 thoughts on “Read Scotland 2014

  1. That’s quite a list Margaret! By the way James Oswald told me they re-edited the first chapter in Natural Causes to tone it down a bit when it went to print so you might try updating you Kindle copy if you had trouble with that gore!


  2. There are a few there I hadn’t thought of so thanks for this. I might try to read something by Sir Walter Scott. I’ve never read anything by him but came across mention of The Antiquary and thought it sounded quite good.

    Stef Penney is Scottish? If so I can add The Tenderness of Wolves to my pile!


  3. Margaret – You’re certainly all ready for this challenge. I hope you enjoy the books you read and I’ll look forward to your reviews of them.


  4. I would add Linda Gillard to the list of writers since she has lived in Scotland for many years. Some writers on the list surprised me; I didn’t know about their connection to Scotland. I don’t do challenges but if I did, this would be perfect for me.


    1. Barbara, my list is of authors of books I own and haven’t read. I too was surprised that some of them had connections with Scotland – eg Dorothy Wordsworth. She wrote ‘Recollections Of A Tour Made In Scotland A. D. 1803’, a book I’m looking forward to reading.

      I have read all of Linda Gillard’s books, except for A Lifetime Burning – I don’t think this is set in Scotland, but I could be wrong! And I don’t have a copy!


  5. I tried to comment on this several days ago and I think it may have got put into your spam folder, that’s what happened with another WordPress comment I made at the same time anyway. Hoping it might work today.

    Some good authors there. I ordered The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott after seeing it on Pinterest. Have never read anything by him so we’ll see how it goes. I had no idea Stef Penney was Scottish so have taken The Tenderness of Wolves out and added it to the pile.


  6. Wow, you have a lot of Scottish authors on your shelves! Even though I’m not joining the challenge, I think it is just great that Peggy Ann is offering it!


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