R.I.P.VIII wrap-up

We’re into November now and Carl’s R.I.P. book challenge is over. This year I completed the course. I did Peril the First, to read four books of mysteries, detective stories, horror stories, dark fantasies, and everything in between. I read 6!

  1. Waiting for Mr Right and other Sinister Stories by Andrew Taylor
  2. The Death Maze by Ariana Franklin
  3. Relics of the Dead by Ariana Franklin
  4. Not the End of the World by Christopher Brookmyre
  5. The Shining by Stephen King
  6. Ten Little Niggers/And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Well, some of them were very good and some were just OK, and some were scarier than others. Three of the six were books from my to-be-read shelves, books I’d been meaning to read for ages.

The scariest of all was The Shining!

The Shining by Stephen King

But I don’t know if I’m up to reading its sequel, Dr Sleep! It sounds even more scary, because according to the description it’s about quasi-immortals, living off the ‘steam’ that children with the ‘shining’ produce when they are slowly tortured to death.  That is most definitely not my cup of tea, but I have reserved a copy from the library …. just to have a look. The cover is enough to give me nightmares – that demonic looking cat has a resemblance to our cat! Oh no!

7 thoughts on “R.I.P.VIII wrap-up”

  1. You did very well. I honestly can’t decide about The Shining. I’ve seen the film and was very frightened by it, possibly I would cope with the book a bit better. Susan at You Can Never Have Too Many Books has just read Dr. Sleep. I don’t know if you’ve read her review but it might help you decide. I downloaded the Andrew Taylor stories to my Kindle… need to remember to read them!


    1. Cath, I found the book much less scary than the film! I’ll have a look at Susan’s post – I expect it will be ages before my turn for the library book.


  2. Nice job! I was too slow and am not finished with my fourth book. Have not read a good review yet on Dr. Sleep. Although I have never read Stephen King, tried when my son read all his books but just didn’t like it. I do love the movies made from his books though!


  3. Margaret – Well done on completing the challenge! And I don’t blame you one bit for finding The Shining the scariest. King wrote a truly creepy and frightening novel there didn’t he? As for Dr. Sleep, I’ve heard mixed things about it. I’m not saying I’m definitely going to give it a miss, but not running out to get it either.


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