Reading Challenges Update

This year I’ve been taking part in several reading challenges and as there are just over 10 weeks of the year left I thought it was time to see how I’ve been doing. I’m seriously thinking about making this blog a Challenge Free Zone next year! I always like the idea of taking part and then later in the year (like now) wonder why, because I do like to read spontaneously and not to a plan!

Actually, I’m doing OK with 5 challenges completed so far. The ones that I’m struggling with are the Mount TBR Reading Challenge and the This Isn’t Fiction Challenge, but that doesn’t surprise me at all.

My Progress:

The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge – ongoing. I don’t really count this as a challenge because it’s just reading Agatha Christie’s books. This year I’ve read 7 of her books so far. I’ll be carrying on with this next year.

Tea and Books Challenge – completed. This is a challenge to read books of 650 pages and over. My target was to read 4 books, and so far I’ve read 5 and hope to finish 6 by the end of the year. I may do this again next year.

What’s in a Name 6 – completed. I do like this challenge, which is to read books in set categories relating solely to the title – it reminds me of books I’ve owned for a while and I like making the list. Next year? It depends on the categories and if Beth carries on with it.

Historical Fiction Challenge 2013 – completed. My target was to read 15 books and I’ve got to 25 so far – there will be more by the end of the year.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013 – no where nearly completed. I’m attempting Mount Ararat, that is, to read 48 books from my own bookshelves. So far I’ve read 27. This will have to be done next year too!

This Isn’t Fiction Reading Challenge – ie read non-fiction. I’m not doing too well here either with just 9 books read, when my target is 20 or more books. I think I set my sights too high!

Once Upon a Time VII – completed. I chose Quest the First: To read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time categories, which I did

R.I.P.Challenge VIII Challenge – completed. This ends on 31 October and I’ve already met my target for Peril the First: which is to read four books, any length, that you feel fit (the very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature. I’ve read 6 books.

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenges Update

  1. I know exactly what you mean about making your blog a challenge-free zone next year. I was thinking the same… and I’m only doing four. Of those I’ve completed 2 – Carl’s two – almost finished one and am nowhere near finishing the other which is one you’ve finished, the What’s in a Name one. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well, tbh, and anyway it doesn’t matter if we don’t finish. But I perhaps I do need to resist a bit better. Actually, the one of yours I should have done is the This Isn’t Fiction Challenge as I’m currently on my 19th. non-fiction. I shall keep an eye out for that next year. See? No willpower whatsoever!


  2. I’m very impressed with the progress you have made. Even in the categories where you are falling short of your goals, those are still pretty impressive accomplishments.

    This is the first year that I’ve done much in the way of challenges, and I have liked this approach. I was somewhat modest in my goals, so I could still read as whim overcame plan, and not fall too far short.

    In particular, I liked making a dent in my TBR shelf, and I discovered some real gems that I let languish for too long.


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