Speaking of Love by Angela Young

One day in 2007 I was in the library browsing the shelves when Angela Young’s debut novel Speaking of Love caught my eye. I’d been reading her blog and so knew at once I just had to read her book. I loved it and wrote about it in this post.

Now there’s a Kindle edition. In 2007 I wrote that it’s a book worth reading, moving but never sentimental. It’s about the need to communicate and to tell people we love them, it’s about the power and beauty of story-telling, and it’s about the difficulties and effects of living with someone with schizophrenia, burying frightening experiences and the way we lose control over events. And it’s full of beautiful descriptions of trees, gardens and the landscape, bringing the story alive.

Definitely a book worth reading!

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Love by Angela Young

  1. Margaret – Good to hear there’s a Kindle edition. I always like it when good books find new audiences that way.


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