Saturday Snapshots

It’s been wet this week – too wet to do much gardening. This has encouraged the Ink Caps to grow. They seemed to spring up over night.

It first appears as just a small white mushroom which then grows into a cylinder with a pretty black frill:

Coprinus Comatus 1

But it soon opens out:

Inkcap P1010900and eventually, having released its spores it looks like this, and then it dissolves:

Coprinus Comatus 3

It’s also known as Lawyer’s Wig and Shaggy Mane. Apparently, it is edible, but I don’t fancy eating it.

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots”

  1. Hi Margaret,

    I haven’t come across this particular mushroom before and I love the alternative names which have been offered up for it.

    I wouldn’t fancy eating it however and certainly wouldn’t think about picking and eating it straight from the field. I did try this once, when as a fairly young child, a friend’s family invited me to go mushroom picking with them. All of us children ate as many mushrooms as we picked, although I was the only one who was violently ill later. I was either just the unlucky one, or my friends parents had better educated them about ‘bad’ mushrooms, than my own had!

    They do say, that the prettiest of something, be it insects, flowers, plants, or indeed mushrooms, are generally the deadliest … I have never quite worked out why that is.

    Your Ink Cap is certainly very pretty when in its first throes of life.

    Thanks for sharing your picture and enjoy your weekend,



  2. Great pictures! Don’t know if I’d have the courage to eat it, but…I do love mushrooms…so it would be very tempting…


  3. Lawyer’s Wig — that got a wider smile from me since I was already smiling at the nice progression of shots. Cute little things! Thanks for sharing.


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