Saturday Snapshots: Loch Ness

My Saturday Snapshots are some more photos from our last holiday in Scotland. We had been to Inverness and decided to drive back to Coylumbridge along the road following the western shore of Loch Ness. We stopped and went down these steps from the road.Loch Ness steps P1080650It was a calm peaceful scene – no sign of anything on the loch – not a monster in sight.Loch Ness P1080647There are a few interpretation boards by the side of the road above Loch Ness. They are not in very good condition now, a bit dirty, but you can still read them. The one below states that St Columba is said to have seen the monster in the 6th century, that ospreys fish in the loch and that seals sometimes visit chasing salmon and trout. What I didn’t know is that a Wellington bomber had crashed in the loch during a snowstorm in 1940.

Loch Ness Interpr Board P1080651

The next board states that the loch is 38km long and up to 238m deep, rivers feeding into the loch generate hydro-electricity that was first used industrially in 1895 for smelting  aluminium. This board includes information about the Caledonian Canal, which links Inverness in the north to Fort William about 60 miles to the south. The canal, constructed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1822, is really a system of four canals linking to the lochs, one of which is Loch Ness.Loch Ness Interpr Bd P1080653I think it’s time for some new interpretation boards to replace these old and grubby ones!

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots: Loch Ness

  1. Oh oh oh I think I stood in exactly the same spot and got the same photo with the spindly tree back in 1991!! Beautiful


    1. Oh, what a coincidence – or maybe not, time has stood still there, I expect 🙂 but then again the trees should have grown somewhat!!


  2. I have a photo of my husband standing on the shore of Loch Ness searching for Nessie. She didn’t show up that day either. The loch is beautiful though and the castle at the end of it has an outstanding movie in the visitors’ center.


  3. Wonderful… even though you didn’t meet the Loch Ness monster. I visited Scotland more than ten years ago. Have always wanted to go back and see more… your post just prods me some more. 😉


  4. I also got very excited, as I thought we might be going to get some photographic evidence! Many years ago I went on a sailing holiday on Loch Ness. A very tense week.


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