Saturday Snapshots – on Sunday

A few years ago we had a holiday in Gloucestershire – in Painswick. I’ve posted some photos in the past but not these of a walk in Frith Wood, which is on a ridge between Slad and Painswick. It’s a beautiful, magical wood of magnificent beech trees, with a mix of oak, ash and sycamore and it’s a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Frith Wood

Frith Wood DSC_0106

Frith Wood DSC_0100 Frith Wood DSC_0109For more Saturday Snapshots see Alyce’s blog At Home With Books.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots – on Sunday

  1. The Bears are much impressed by the depiction of the owl which they think is far superior to that on the front of my winter pyjamas. Given that it is unfortunately accompanied by the words ‘Tweet Dreams” they are probably right to be embarrassed. (I know – far too much information! Lovely photos.)


  2. What a beautiful place, and I love the names Frith Woods, Slad and Painswick. Just another of the many things I love about England and Scotland. I do miss hiking in the woods but your photos cheer me up on a dreary winter day.


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