January's Books

If you look at how many books I read in January it doesn’t look as though I did much reading with just 4 books completed. I usually average about 8 books a month! But that statistic is misleading because I’ve read just as much if not more than usual because of the length of the books.

Jaunary 2013

I began reading Wild Swans:Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang last year but by January I’d only read less than a quarter of it, so I began January by reading the rest of the book, which took me up to the middle of the month. Wild Swans is an amazing book (720 pages). I wrote about it in this post.It’s a harrowing book to read, but it’s also an eye-opener (for me at any rate) about what happened in China under Mao. It’s a personal story, reflecting the twentieth century history of China. A remarkable book, full of courage and spirit.

I read just one crime fiction – The Case of the Curious Bride by Erle Stanley Gardner (from TBR books). I was disappointed really with this Perry Mason book and didn’t think it was as good as other books by him that I’ve read.

Next was Deaf Sentence by David Lodge, which I liked but didn’t love. Unlike the reviewer in the Literary Review (quoted on the back cover) I didn’t find it had ‘many laugh-out-loud moments‘, just a few amusing bits that made me smile. But is it a moving and at times melancholy book.

In a much lighter vein, although sad in parts is Paw Tracks at Owl Cottage by Denis O’Connor, which I read on my Kindle. It chronicles O’Connor’s experiences with four more cats, all Maine Coons, at his Northumberland cottage.

So, not a large number of books but a lot of reading, because I’ve also been reading Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna, another long book which I’ve finished this morning. I suppose that goes under February’s books!

10 thoughts on “January's Books

  1. Large books can make it seem like you’ve had a slow reading month when actually you haven’t. It happened to me in December.

    Looking forward to your views on Lacuna. I loved The Poisonwood Bible and saw a review recently recommending Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour.


    1. Cath, I loved The Poisonwood Bible too. I’m still mulling over what I thought about The Lacuna, so far all I want to say is that I don’t think it’s as good!


  2. What a diverse set of books, and I know Wild Swans is big and dense so the number doesn’t really signify. I’ll be curious to know how you get on with The Lacuna, because it’s been on my ‘maybe list’ for ages.


  3. Margaret – I’ve had months like that too, where I read fewer novels than usual, but they were longer. What you’ve read has an interesting variety!


  4. One reason I don’t like to do challenges for reading X number of books in a year or whatever is that I like to be able to read large books. I don’t care if it takes me quite a while to get through them if they’re good ones. More concerned about quality than quantity I guess.


    1. This is the reason I’ve not set a ‘target’ to read X number of books – it’s much better to read what you want when you want. And counting the number of books doesn’t tell you much about what you’ve read!


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